Kyorin Yoshiyuki: Finally, We meet...
JeffreyAtW: Who might the other half of "we" be?
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: BoB The DEM()/|/
JeffreyAtW: Hey-hey!
JeffreyAtW: How's it going?
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: ...
Kyorin Yoshiyuki signed on at 1:12:08 PM.
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: It is annoying on how you steal peoples things, expecilly BoB...
JeffreyAtW: Seriously, what have we stolen?
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: BoB
JeffreyAtW: Besides that...
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: lets see, our music files, Spum, Stussy, Onyx which you changed to Oynx
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: umm, then you hacked into Harukas computer
JeffreyAtW: As long as you keep spreading falsehoods like that, we will continue to mock you, and "steal" your character.
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: hmmm, that is a bad Idea...
JeffreyAtW: How can you prove that we stole your music, Sleek Spum, etc.? You've got no evidence whatsoever! But in our case, we DO!
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: It is now sleek spum, its Spum Makenzy
JeffreyAtW: By the way, how do you know Oynx was originally Onyx?
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: Haruka told me, he is a character in our large RPG we are creating
JeffreyAtW: How could Haruka have told you? She doesn't know me, and I never told anyone on the internet that he was originally Onyx, even though it doesn't really matter.
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: lol, that is funny.
JeffreyAtW: And how are you friends with Haruka? Real life? Alter-ego (which you have persuaded us to believe)?
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: If she knew, she definatly knows you
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: We all go to the same school
JeffreyAtW: As me?
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: no
JeffreyAtW: Ah-ha.
JeffreyAtW: Care to tell where you are from?
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: no
JeffreyAtW: Hmph. Okay. I'm from San Rafael, CA. If you've never been here or in the SF Bay Area, then you have never met me in real life, neither has Haruka.
JeffreyAtW: Can you give ANY proof/evidence that you made up Spum, Oynx, Stussy, whoever?
JeffreyAtW: Besides Haruka's bogus stories?
JeffreyAtW: If not, I suggest you "quit the Swamp."
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: considering we have the original stuff back to 1994
JeffreyAtW: It's been fun, BoB.
JeffreyAtW: If you have the original stuff, then show me!
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: I will get it scanned.
JeffreyAtW: Why do people have to be so stupid?! There's no way you can persuade me, and I have gained others' trust so much that there's NO way they will believe you. Why do you keep doing this?
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: doing what? protecting what is rightfully ares? As long as I see cooparation, I will cancel this outgoing mail to tripod
JeffreyAtW: Cooperation? How?
JeffreyAtW: And how are you going to get Tripod into this?
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: If oonly there was a way to neutralize both sides. Haruka just wants to sue you, but I don't see it that way
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: I at least suggest we stop petty attempts and join together, if possible because of Harukas crude temper
JeffreyAtW: Why the hell would Haruka want to sue ME?! She admitted to stealing everything, and furthermore, her SISTER'S AN ATTORNEY!
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: I know, she told me yesterday
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: and that was the family eddited edition
JeffreyAtW: YESTERDAY?! I knew it before even you?! The way, I was kidding. Her sis is not an attorney. I can't believe you beleived that.
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: No, actually, not a attorney, but a lawyer
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: same with my other friends two parents
JeffreyAtW: Other friends. Hmph. Okay, bluff-calling won't work on you, I presume.
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: heh
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: well, anyways
JeffreyAtW: Yep! Anyway...
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: I say we neutralize this, and join?? I would have to ask haruka, and if she says yes, she'll stop buggin ya about it
JeffreyAtW: She's stopped bugging me a long time ago.
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: not really, she set up a project S.O.S in school
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: she was Mog From Hell
JeffreyAtW: Why is it such a big deal about Spum? He's such a damn insignificant character. He was my alter-ego for a stupid joke. He's not a head, that's "a picture he drew of himself."
JeffreyAtW: Really, Mog From Hell? Interesting.
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: lol
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: I was BoB The DEM()/|/
JeffreyAtW: Glad you like it. I know that.
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: if anything, I would like to discontinue this, but I don't know how to do something about it.
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: Think you can write somethun about this so I can print it and show it to her at school?
JeffreyAtW: Why should you like to discontinue it? Have we proven you wrong?
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: no, its just that it is pissing me off
JeffreyAtW: Why?
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: Every day, she has a drawing of Spum and his friends biting your corpse to ta-bitsies
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: and she also added you into her 2 latest fanfics, phreak luv and something else, its a freaky name I can;t remember
JeffreyAtW: Very childish. What grades are you guys in?
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: about ta graduate to college, 12th
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: u?\
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: u?
JeffreyAtW: Why the freaking hell would SENIORS do something so stupid? I'm in tenth grade, and I don't believe you're in 12th. I'd say... 6th or below.
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: nope
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: Haruka thought u were in 2nd...
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: -_-
JeffreyAtW: She must really like 2nd graders, then. Why else would she have copied our works?
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: what do you mean by that?
JeffreyAtW: For future reference, seniors don't make doodles of people being killed. They would most likely actually kill them, instead.
JeffreyAtW: Haruka plagiarized so much of our stuff. Would she do such a think to a 2nd grader?
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: not Haruka, to me, she's a wussy, she wouldn't do that, unless someone gave her money to
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: probably, don't know for shure.
JeffreyAtW: BTW, have any pictures of yourself? I heard that Haruka was 15. 15-year-olds are sophomores.
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: not on my computer
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: no, shes not a sophmore.
JeffreyAtW: Then "scan them in," just like you will to "shocking evidence" of us stealing from you.
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: okay.
JeffreyAtW: *scans in a picture of some hunk from his fan magazines*
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: well, anyways, how is that Pt. Reyes game like?? won't let me d/l it off your site to try it
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: nah
JeffreyAtW: Oh, it's a great game. It's on Geocities, though... a bad place to put things like that.
JeffreyAtW: How old are you?
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: hey, Jeffrey, I wanted to ask ya sonmethun, do you know what spum is?
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: me? 18
JeffreyAtW: It's a word my friends made up.
JeffreyAtW: But no, in your case, I don't. What is it?
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: It is the white foam emmited from a rabbid based animal
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: looked it up in the dictionary, you should too
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: lol
JeffreyAtW: That's spume, you illiterate moron.
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: im my book, it says spum, must be a messed up one
Kyorin Yoshiyuki: well, anyways, you know how Haruka likes the number 231?
JeffreyAtW: Yes. As messed up as you are, I would understand.
JeffreyAtW: Yes, I do know why she likes 231. Because she plagiarized the idea of going crazy over the number from US!
Kyorin Yoshiyuki signed off at 1:38:10 PM.