Super Firepro Wrestling X Premium

Even the name beats anything we've got in the States...

Developer: Human Entertainment Publisher: Human Entertainment Genre: Wrestling Players: 1-4 (not on the emulator, though :) ESRB: Everyone(?) Difficulty: Adjustable (but still hard at first)

Curse you, Japan! Your food is better, your games faster to come out, your style of animation cooler, your women more attractive, your people more educated, and finally, your wrestlers have a higher workrate than anybody we've got over here! And if it weren't for the happy magical wonders of emulation, we wouldn't get this spectacular wrestling game, either! That's it, I'm moving next week...

Gameplay--Super Firepro Wrestling X Premium is the last installment of the Firepro Wrestling series for the Super Famicon. To make a long story short, Firepro Wrestling in Japan is to wrestling games what Mario was to platform games--the standard what other games are judged by.




Fun Factor--

Overall Satisfaction--

Score: 8

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