Record 41
Name: BoB The DeM()/\/
Website: BoB The DeM()/\/'$ H3LLH0L3
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: BoB The DeM()/\/'$ H3LLH0L3
Time: 2000-10-28 01:49:01
Comments: That's it. You've done it. You've crossed the line, my dear. I reccomend that you remove any references to me, my friend MOG FROM HELL, Spum, and anything else you've plagiarized. If you don't do this within two days, we'll gladly report you to Tripod for plagiarism. Remember that justice shall prevail and you'd better stop mocking our letters of truth. Get me off your damn staff list because I do not WANT to be involved with this monster's nest of plagiarist scum! And just because you change my name from "BoB" to "Bob" doesn't mean anything. That's still plagiarism and an unfair and derogatory caricature of me. Yes, and "Sleek Spum" as well. That thing on your title page makes me sick...Spum, Onyx, Stussy, Marrah...all innocent victims of Plagiaratitus...which they caught from YOU. Luckily, I haven't succumbed to this horrible virus. By the way, we're serious. You shall feel our full power if you keep this up. The power of truth is more powerful than the power of lying, I can tell you that. Hugs and kiss my ass!! With the most fakest of love, BoB The DeM()/\/