Top 10 Rejected WWF Superstars 10. The Blundermaker When you see a 7 foot guy tripping over himself every two steps, you know that he's not superstar material. 9. Triple A A would-be part of Degeneration X, this travel agency member just didn't make the cut. 8. The Cook His catch phrases included "You smell what The Cook is deep-frying?" and "Know your roll and butter, never mind." 7. Table This eye-poping piece of furniture was beaten out by Sable in the "Gorgeous Babe" auditions. Same goes for Sunny Funny. 6. Tupac Somehow, X-Pac seemed like a better choice as a wrestler. 5. Hanpankind His finishing move? The Mandible Paw. 4. Vince McMuffin He was the original manager of the WWF, but nooo...They had to put in some wise guy named McMahon.. 3. Degeneration 2X+Y[3MY--23(6)] Mathmaticans gone bad... 2. Baaa--d Ass Billy Goat I can't believe that Degeneration X didn't let him in just because of the fact that he was a Goat. His Shake-Rattle-and-Head-Butt wasn't all that bad. 1. Stoned Drunk Steve Austin "And thatsh the...bottom line *hic*....cuz' Shtoned Drunk *hic* shaid sho..." Back to the Midgar Swamp