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Heeeey, welcome to the Swamp! This place is founded by Serpent231, and is the follower to the hilarious, original, and now-dead RPG humor site, Cosmo Canyon. Here, you'll find some of the stuff that made Cosmo Canyon famous, along with our own wacky, yet strangely addictive, brand of humor.

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Sunday Sunday SUNDAY! May 21st -- I won, I won!

I just ran the B4Y 2 8r34X0rZ, the world's largest footrace! More on that later! Only a couple more weeks till school's over! Yay! Less crack, more Cheerios!

  • Okay, enough hyperbole (gosh damn vocabulary words...:), and now some pointless stuff about me!
  • Fred Delles, songparodypimpdaddyextraordanaire, sent me a bunch of stuff (but I'm gonna spread it out over the next few updates (it was so much, I don't want to waste it all in one day:), including a BOF3 fanfic that may bring a tear of nostalgia to Cosmo Canyon fans. Even though we're trying to get away from Cosno Canyon humor (ask AtW why), I'm gonna put this up anyway, since it's still a great read: My Fellow Dragonierians!
  • Fred also gave us Old School RPGs and It's the End of the World and It's Square's Fault, one great song parody, and one really random one!
  • Maniacal Laughs, Add Ons, blahhh...
  • I plugged some random links. I'm still waiting for Porkins vs. Everything...

Saturday, May 20th -- doodz!                                                                                          

Bwa ha ha! BobCFed08's first update-thingy! Yay.

  • Quite obviously, I've joined the Midgar Swamp!
  • ...Which means that, of course, my member info is on the staff page.

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