Analyzing Omid's Expressions and "Phrases"

*klok!* - After a small group of second graders found out that you could make this little noise by pressing the tongue against the back of the throat, it was soon widespread amongst the rest of America in a craze that died out as soon as it had begun. Unfortunately, seven years later, Omid is still the lone carrier of this "clever" function. What does it mean? itself, it only proves that you've still got a second grade mind...but when used with the next phrase, it becomes a force to be reckoned with/made fun of.

[insert name] is such a [insert sound effect] - a "harsh" insult to anybody standing around, this phrase attempts to puncture one's ego by calling them a sound effect, effective to the point where, hopefully, they are unable to reach egasm. Unfortunately, this type of phrase has caught on to a couple other people, most notably "[insert name] is such a *klok!*". Be sure to watch out for this one, since it can not only hurt the ego, but may also render us unable to do anything else than walk around and call each other *klok!*s.

(tilts head back and bugs eyes) *HMPHHHHH!!!* - A gesture that, loosly translated, means "Task, that darn attractive in the morning, standard of freschezza " ("Whoa, that's pretty cool, dude."). Omid got this one after hearing the *HMPHHH* noise I make when I do a close-mouthed laugh and only blow the air out of my nose (I do this when I don't want to call attention to myself in a quiet area, but have to laugh anyway). For some reason, Omid combined this with an incredibly stupid gesture I used to do when I saw something weird in 8th grade (tilts head back and bugs eyes). It was mildly amusing back then, but right now, combined with the annoying air-blowing-out-of-the-nose-at-380mph gesture, is REALLY annoying. And even worse, Omid throws this one out at random more than his other sounds, so it has gotten old even faster than "Git in mah belly!" (actually, that one looks pretty funny on paper).

"I EM ZE MASTER OF ZEE BOUCHE!" - I have no idea what this one's supposed to mean. You're the master of your mouth? You're the master of your bush? The hell is this?

"GYNAAAAAAT!/NAAAAAT!/NAAAAAAHHH!/GYNAAAAAAHHH!" - What singlehandedly started out as a variation on Nat Farber's name has mutated itself into a spectacularly unfunny phrase that got old less than seconds after it was first said. It's the most frequently said, widespread, and annoying phrase out there, and the user of it has no problem with the fact that he looks like a complete idiot while saying it at full volume in a public place. I bet he wouldn't mind saying it during a graduation speech, either. That's how oblivious to the rest of the world this phrase makes you, even if you say it once. Beware.

<more to come later...>