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These Screens Are Sick!

No, it's not a shrine to Don't Go There--this soon-to-be huge place showcases all the wacky mistranslations and memorable quotes from all sorts of games! Tuna-headed size thanks to Zany Video Game Quotes,, and um, ZSNES for providing these screens.

The most legendary quote known to gaming (screenshot by Ragnarok)

If ANYBODY can understand this, please mail me

Almost as legendary as the bard quote!

Don't go there!

I wish all arcade machines said this

Must be the first class you have to take in shooter games

I believe in Mr. Winky!

Hey! I like tuna...

I wish all wrestling teams were called this

Yet another world-famous quote!

Uzz daz?

Off course!


Looks like it's Ace Hall as a caveman...

Tee Hee! Sploit!

Now THAT wouldn't be staged...

I certainly hope not!

Welcome you're!

Daravon...You so cray-za!

Why don't announcers ever say this anymore?

One of the all time favorites...Zany VGQ even put it in their site's title!

Hey, lady, I'm only trying to buy some coffee...

I'm so praud of myself!

Probably one of the funniest Game Over screens I've ever seen

After completing the production of a game, you MUST thank the fish...

He'll tell you what he what?! wants, what he really who?! wants

To put it bluntly...

Here's a whole folder of FF6 shots! (taken by JeffreyATW)

MY GOD, MAN! That's incredible!

Uhh... WHAT?!

Haha! Ha! Velly funny, yes? I leary rike to smoke cigals!

What would you do if someone just came up to you and said this?

Mmm... yak... *drools*

The amount of detail they put into Lego Island always amazes me...

Sounds better than Tuna Sashimi, at least...

Hey, what's Richard Simmons doing in this game?


It's the best item ever found in the Mario series: Kuribo's shoe!!


Another all time favorite, used widely in ZVG and

Well, at least he's got rhythm...

No, captain! NOT LIKE THAT!

"Wof"?! I say "Wtf" to that...

One of the most widely used quotes ever! And do I mean ever...

And yet ANOTHER one of the widely used quotes!


Leave the captain alone, Guronga!


Ha, old man! Look what you are holding in your hand...*sploit*

Little known fact: Beavis's dad was actually Kefka.

Castle Devours Small Boy--next Hard Copy!

Wow...those internet illiterates get into all sorts of games, don't they?

A bunch of FF4 and FF6 screenshots, all by Ragnarok!

Pointless Trivia: According to the Dullard Himself, Chrono Trigger is the only RPG with a character named Fritz! I think.

I used to walk around school saying this, but they made me stop...

Easy on the garlic next time, okay?

Thadsh shome GOOD OATMEAL!


See above.

If only Reagan was really this jaunty...

Hey, what's a screwed up webmaster like me doing in a game like this? (pic edited by Ragnarok)

When you finish making a game, don't only thank the Fish Man, but thank all the little people as well...

d00dz!!!!!3 1tz a zUh!!?1!!

The Battle Arena is obviously used for much more than fighting... (Screenshot provided by BobCFed08)

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