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Uh! Yes! Welcome to the Swamp! This place is run mainly by Serpent231, and is the very small follower (and dedicated) to the hilarious, original, and now-dead RPG humor site, Cosmo Canyon. Here, you'll find IAQs, song parodies, MSTings, and other CC-related (and non-related) humor. Just feel free to contibute anything to me. Your comments are welcomed!


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Tuesday, February 29th -- Hot carp! Uh, it's been a while, hasn't it?


Yeah, you're right, wise man. It's time to get, updated (pointless little Beastie Boys reference for yas there). I've just been helluvabusy with track and field and homework and my Best of Loveline tape and my ROMs and my watching of a WWF Pay Per View where one of the two wrestlers who wrote a book dropped about 15 frickin' feet from a steel cage above the ring. That's definetely going on my highlights video...

All right, I'm rambling. I'll just leave you to read the OTHER part of these updates...the Blue One. 

Hey-hey! Blue update here, and I'm ready to check off all the shiznit that be goin' down in my hood!

Um...word to your mother!
  • A'ight, a'ight, those 231 Sightings have been updated for your time-wasting pleasure.
  • So have those wacky Add Ons. You're just lucky that I didn't add an "H" to one of those previous words...
  • AtW and I wrote a pointless little bio to the newest superstar to hit the RPG Humor scene: Mr. Tifa! I think you can smell what we're cookin'...
  • New YAK in da hizooooouuuse: Azure Sky! It sounds kinda generic at first, but actually, this guy's actually trying to make this into an actual game. Whoo, I say "actual" too much.
  • Next up, an old 5K001 YAK (also known as IAQ, whatever that is) has been updated as well: BREAD! (also known as Pain).
  • Funny screenshots updated with dem funny screenshots.

    Heyyy...I just thought of a new feature to add to updates! Besides sound effects and "Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!", we'll add a section called "FILLER TIME!" when we're done with the actual substance part of the update, and just want to make the thing look bigger with news, random facts, and other cool junk. Sound good?

    Readers: NOOO!
    Staff: YEAHHH!

    Good, it's unanimous!
  • The WORST MIDI POSSIBLE~!(tm) contest...has...ENDED! Thanks to all that participated--we'll have the results up soon...we hope >_<
  • I've been re-appointed as vice prez to the AIW! I help write the matches, and run the backstage stuff behind the ultra-hArDkOrE wraslin' league. The new episode of Friday Night FEAR has arrived, and if you're one of the .00342% readers of the Midgar Swamp that likes pro-wrestling, you should go read what happened!
  • We got an award from our good buddy Ragnarosen! Check it out now, ya funksoul brotha!
  • Okay, more filler...more filler...oh yeah! If you haven't already, just go and read Fritz Fraundorf's Frickin' Fantabulous Fanfic, foshdarnit! Um Jammer Selphie is one of his best yet. And yes, they DO keep getting better, if you're wondering why we Cosmo Canyon fans keep saying this.
  • Um, I'm working on about 3 reviews simultaniously, so they won't be here for a while. However, one of them should be up by the next update! Let's just hope that this time, I'm not wrong again.

WHOOPS. This update was accidentally cut off by an IDIOTIC mistake by JeffreyAtW.

  • ...Speaking of craptacular MIDIs...Since the last contest was such a sucksess (er, nobody really entered, that is), I'm hoping that this one will be a little better: The Cute Animal Characters have an idea for a new song, but they can't get a good melody for it. The objective for you, the songwriter (Cheesy roleplaying! Whoohoo!), is to compose the WORST MIDI POSSIBLE(tm), using NoteWorthy Composer or whatever else you use. No talent is required for this contest--quite the contrary, actually--and basically, this is for anybody who can download NoteWorthy Composer and make a monstrosity of a song. A prize that I haven't thought of yet will reward the worst composer!
  • In the news, the AIW E-Wrestling League has re-opened! Not that any of you people care much, but I've been re-appointed Vice Prez. It's still got AtW's MIDI up there, too!
  • Er, that's it, really. I'm really sorry that I don't have much for an update today (a bunch of reviews and Pt. Reyes are in development, though), but I've been playing a ton of ROMs and compiling a Best of Loveline tape for my friends and I (I've also compiled tapes of Tekken 3, Twisted Metal 2, and almost an hour of wrestling highlights--I'm thinking about becoming a video editor person thingy when I'm older) to give you something to remember for weeks to come, go here and download the Awesomest Commercial Ever instead. Save it, listen to it over and over, memorize the lyrics, use it for school projects, use it as background music for somebody's birthday, just do whatever you want with it! Chu! Chu! Join the cult!

Yoo hoo! We got an award!

"I'm thinking of a number between one and 500,000,000. Guess."

"." Vincent guessed.

"Nope!" Fei said. "Guess again!"