Name of Game

Humorous phrase or funny quote from game here

Developer: Publisher: Genre: Fighting, RPG, Action, Racing, Sports, Puzzle, you name it Players: 1-4 Memory Blocks: Just check your memory card for this one Discs: Self-explanitory Analog: Yes or No Dual Shock: Yes or No ESRB: Everyone, Teen, Mature Difficulty: Easy, Intermediate, Hard

Put an opening paragraph in this space. What were your expectations of how this game was going to be?

Gameplay-- How do you play the game? What functions, options, features, does this game have? What do you do in the game?

Graphics-- Are they lush 3-D backgrounds and beatifully animated polygons? Or drab characters with pixels so big that you can count them?

Music-- What does the music sound like in the game? Is it catchy, original, beautiful? And what are the sound effects like? Crystal clear or muffled?

Storyline-- If this is an RPG, tell the main plot. If not, leave this section out.

Control-- Is everything sluggish and sloppy, or can you go precisely where you want to go? If this is an RPG, don't include this section.

Fun Factor-- How much fun do you have while you play this? Are there extra things to do, like mini-games? Do you get a rush while playing?

Overall Satisfaction-- Just put an overall summary of the game here.

Highs: What did you like about this game?
Lows: What could have been left out?
Score: Any number from 1-10, depending (duh) on the quality of the game

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