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A controversial item on Cosmo Canyon (spoon you, Xenogears flamers!), this Reviews section hopes to bring you the facts on which games you should either buy, rent, or dip in turpentine and staple to the developer's forehead. Andyes, we know we have too many "good" reviews, but hey, do you really think we're gonna rent a bad game?

3D Dudes Serpent231 PC Utter crap 1
Alien Phobia


PC Mindless action 8
Azure Dreams Assassin Playstation RPG 9
Breath of Fire 2 BobCFed08 Super Nintendo RPG 9
Breath of Fire 3 Serpent231 Playstation RPG 9
Chocobo Racing


Playstation Racing 6
Daggerfall BobCFed08 Computer CRPG 8
Destrega Serpent231 Playstation Fighting 7
Evil Zone QuistisChick Playstation Fighting 9
Final Fantasy 5 JeffreyAtW Super Famicom/ Playstation RPG 9
Final Fantasy 8 Arkrist Enemia Playstation RPG 9
Final Fantasy Tactics BobCFed08 Playstation RPG 10
Hexcite JeffreyAtW Game Boy Puzzle 2
Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals BobCFed08 Super Nintendo RPG 3
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Lady Marrah Playstation RPG 9
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Serpent231 Playstation Fighting 9
Marvel vs. Capcom Serpent231 Playstation Fighting 8
Mr. Nutz Serpent231 SNES Hop 'n Bob 4
Myst Dan Kauder PC Point 'n' Click 3
PaRappa the Rapper Serpent231 Playstation Music 9
Pocket Fighter Serpent231 Playstation Fighting 8
Pokémon JeffreyAtW Game Boy RPG 9
Ring Rage Assassin Game Boy Fighting 1
Rollcage Serpent231 Playstation Racing 8
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4 Assassin Playstation Strategy 8
San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing Serpent231 Playstation "Extreme" Racing 3
Shadow Madness Assassin Playstation RPG 9
Silhouette Mirage Pinchy321 Playstation Action/ Adventure 9
Space Bastards Serpent231 PC Retro shoot 'em up 5
Super Firepro Wrestling X Premium Serpent231 Super Famicom/ SNES Wrasslin' 8
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island JeffreyAtW Super Nintendo Action/ Adventure 10
Syphon Filter Assassin Playstation Action 10
Tekken 3 Serpent231 Playstation Fighting 10
The Sims JeffreyAtW PC Daily Life Simulator 10
Thousand Arms QuistisChick Playstation RPG/Dating Sim 7
Threads of Fate JeffreyAtW Playstation Action RPG 7
Twisted Metal 2 Serpent231 Playstation Crash 'em up 10
Um Jammer Lammy JeffreyAtW Playstation Music 10
Wario Land II JeffreyAtW Game Boy Action/ Adventure 10
Wario Land 3 JeffreyAtW Game Boy Color Action/ Adventure 9
Wild ARMs Serpent231 Playstation RPG 9
WWF Warzone Serpent231 Playstation Wrestling 9
WWF Attitude Assassin Playstation Wrestling 10
Xenogears JeffreyAtW Playstation RPG 9

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