Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics

I gotta good feeling!

Developer: Square Publisher: SCEA Genre: RPG Players: 1 Memory Blocks: 1 Discs: 1 Analog: No Dual Shock: No ESRB: Teen Difficulty: Hard

The only reason I bought this game was because I was on a "final fantasy high" after playing FF7. However, this soon become my all-time favorite game! Excellet story, kick-magnet graphics, and one of the damned COOLEST characters of all time! Not to mention it's being the root of the famous Proffesor Daravon, creator of Daravonese. Off course!

Gameplay-- This is actually quite a unique battle system (except for Tactics Ogre, whom I don't know came first or not...) where instead of battling with two sides; one good, one bad, you take it out on a very highly systematic battle system. Just like it's name suggests, the tactics for how you play the game are just as important, if not more so, than your experience lever and equipment. Geography and weather both play a very important part in how you battle. You can only walk or jump certain distances; damage is increased when attacked from behind; and lightning storms actually make your lightning spells stronger. You also have certain job classes, where one person can be either a chemist, mime, ninja, etc. However, all but the two starter job classes take quite a bit of work to achieve. The harder you have to work for a job class, chances are, the stronger it will be.

Graphics-- Very nice graphics! Though there are fewer FMVs than I would have likes, the graphics themselves look really great and detail; for their small size. The spells look really great, high in detail and in special effects. The summons... well, they're actually really good. But when you look at games such as FF8 and FF7, with the same summons, it really does put the FFT summons to shame. And for some odd reason, NOBODY, not even the main character, has a nose.

Music-- The music, in my humble opinion, ROCKED! While nowhere near the level of it's other Final Fantasy siblings, it is still extremely awesome. 'Specially the tutorial music and the battle music.

Storyline-- The story of this game more than makes up for any other flaws it may have. And it is my favorite story in a video game, yet. You start off as a cadet, fighting off a group of thieves and bandits called the "Death Corp". It is at this time that you, Ramza, begin to question your position as an aristocrat and why you are 'better' than peasants. At the end of the first chapter (there are four), you fight against your elder brother, Dycedarg, who strives for war to become King. Eventually, you end of fighting the churhc and demons to not only stop the war, but to save the world (and more importantly... your sister!) It's a lot better than it sounds, trust me. And if you do things correctly, you can even get Cloud Strife, from FF7, to join your party. Though he _REALLY_ sucks, the sub-quest to get him completes your collection of Zodiac Stones and gets you some very powerful NPCs. Speaking of which... this game is home not only to Daravonese, the funniest language in any game, but to Orlandu, the strongest character in your game. And yes, stronger than the main character. Stronger than the final boss. I do NOT kid around when I say the entire game could probably be completed with him and him alone. Needless to say, he is the start of the phrase "Orlandu Syndrome".

Fun Factor-- Extremely high! This game is very fun, and I often end up playing longer than I expect or want to. The battles themselves last a long while, and the story does not advance without going through another battle, so you most probably will do the same.

Overall Satisfaction-- A very excellent game. Like I said, the storyline is very awesome, and many aspects to the game, such as the Cloud sub-quest or the characters themselves, really do make it much better than it already is.

Highs: The battle system, storyline, Mustadio!!
Lows: Some battles are EXTREMELY hard, and nobody has any noses! O_o
Score: 10

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