This section features what the name says, which stands for Frequently Asked Questions and Infrequently Asked Questions. These will give you information and strategies on the certain games mentioned, and even some information for games that don't exist! You'll have to read one of the IAQs to understand. Well, I hope these can prove to be useful enough to impress your friends!

Page FAQ
Read this FAQ if you are at all confused with the Midgar Swamp. It may answer your questions.

Pt. Reyes: The Game by Serpent231
This is my IAQ called Pt. Reyes: The Game (based on the summer camp in that area). If you like RPGs, it's pretty likely that you'll like this spoof.

Wolverine FAQ by Serpent231
Here's my FAQ on Wolverine from Marvel Super Heroes. It's only my first FAQ, but it isn't all that bad if you like the particular fighting game (which I do). BTW, it also appears at

The Tekken 3 Wrestling FAQ by Serpent231
Well, it's Serpent231's latest FAQ, and this time, it covers Tekken 3 and all the rasslin' moves it features. Hope you like it--I tried to incorperate humor with solid facts!

Beath of Flams by Fritz Fraundorf
In what is Fritz "The Dullard" Fraundorf's greatest masterpiece (over 400k!), Beath of Flams stars a lisping hero that makes his way through a truly bizarre and witty IAQ. Live the adventure as he travels to locations such as "This is NOT an Ominious Piece of Land" and Formaldehyde, fights enemies like Bozo the Clown and the Spice Girls, and even befriends Poppin' Fresh! Mmm...BEATHY!

Um Jammer Lammy FAQ by Cedric "Lobsterboy" Henry
Cedric "Lobsterboy" Henry's simply hilarious FAQ on Um Jammer Lammy! PaRappa fans rejoice!

Miller Creek Middle School RPG by JeffreyAtW
It's JeffreyAtW's IAQ on his very own (and James's) former school!

Life--The RPG by Justin McNeil
Written by the former AIW prez, Justin McNeil, Life stars an average joe called Melvin who goes to school, fights bullies, has an annoying sister...ahh...this is life!

Life: In High School by Justin McNeil
In Justin's sequel to his true-to-life (really!) IAQ, Melvin's a lot older than before, but hasn't made it past high school yet! Anyway, Melvin, Chris, Michael, and "Big Louie" have adventures in a way that you'd only have in high school.

Hamster's RPG -- Legend of the Seven Rodents by Lee Ballew
You know Cait Sith, Hanpan, Neko, Spekkio and Mog... what if these characters had an IAQ of their own? Well, they don't, but a whole other bunch of Cute Animal Characters are in Hamster's RPG!

The Prodigy

Part Two


by aRkRiSt eNeMiA
No, not the band. This is the Swamp's first serious IAQ, and is extremely well done. It's about the only IAQ that could actually be made into a real game!

Pain by Rick Rodman
It's a futuristic IAQ that is serious, yet funny in some parts written by a Cosmo Canyon reader--the latter being a very good sign of what you're about to read! And no, it's not about bread ("pain" means "bread" in French).

HICK by BenGrande
HICK follows the strange adventures of a hick named JimBob as he drinks WtrdDwnWsky, fights the Man on the Moon, and meets many interesting people. Featuring *INTENSE* *DIAPER* *COLLECTING* *ACTION*!

Freedom: A Call For Help by Justin McNeil
Justin McNeil makes our online time worthwhile by introducing us to a host of new gameplay elements and interesting characters. Five bucks says the system takes longer to understand than FF Tactics.

Outcast by Justin McNeil
Justin McNeil reveals the fact that he's 78 years old and molests little children! [No, not really] He also writes a nice IAQ with some pretty interesting special attacks.

Legacy of Dante: Squeaky Doll by aRkRiSt eNeMiA
Races squeaky dolls feud with each other in this funny parody of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. It's Ark's first humorous IAQ (no, that doesn't mean that this is the first one that's actually funny--it's the first that's supposed to be funny ^_^)!

Kingdom of Windor: Story of Skyler by JeffreyAtW
In JeffreyAtW's second IAQ and first serious one, his roleplaying character Skyler's life is depicted in IAQ form. Story and subplots from the Kingdom of Windor.

Azure Sky by Silverguy
An IAQ with a nice name, cool magic system, and crystals!

The Alma Vector by aRkRiSt eNeMiA
Although still pretty small, the Alma Vector along with all its character description looks to be a promising IAQ.

Life of Bob by BobCFed08
Bob's first IAQ. Following the trend, it seems to take place in his normal life. Kinda. It's mostly making fun of teachers and stuff, so everyone should like it.

The Rohan Weir Project by Ragnarosen
The sequel to Y8K, the Rohan Weir Project is a massive RPG with a new battle system, great music, well-developed characters, and Ragnarosen himself!

Freeza FAQ by BobCFed08
A great FAQ on Freeza in the fighting game "Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension," containing all his moves, all his strengths and weaknesses, and how he fares against other characters.

Life of Bob 2: The Sequel by BobCFed08
Second in the Life of Bob IAQ edition (kinda obvious if you look at the title, huh?), the newer one is basically the same kind of humor as the first. Just a lot more, and not nearly as complete.

A School Boy's Life by Mystic Gohan
Mystic Gohan's first IAQ. Following the trend, it seems to take place in his normal life. Kinda. It's mostly making fun of teachers and stuff, so everyone should like it..

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