Not Exactly Celebrity Deatchmatches!

Ever wanted to see your favorite (or least favorite) Midgar Swamp-related characters duke it out? Well, you've come to the right place! Enjoy as these soon-to-be-famous people (or things) fight for their title of "best at (insert subject here)"!

Match #1 The Secondary Midgar Staff Members vs. The Unknowns - The Battle of Literate vs. Illiterate! And now, in 3-D!

Match #2 Stone Cold Steve Caires vs. Kefka - The Battle of the Truly Perverted!

Match #3 Yuffie Kisaragi vs. Evil Cid (w/ popcorn) - The Battle for the Most Evil Final Fantasy Character!

Match #4 Miguel and Shahrukh Hafeez vs. Two Fat Chicks in Party a Grudge Match!

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