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This section showcases all my previous MSTings, which are the written versions of the show Mystery Science Theater 3000. The only noticable difference between mine (well, ours, since they're all group MSTings) and everything else out there is that the characters that insert one-liners in between the lines are not your average Joel/Mike, Tom Servo, or Crow. Nope, since we were trying to be different, my fellow MSTers and I made the riffers different characters such as The Cute Animal Characters (Cait Sith, Hanpan, Neko, Spekkio, Mog) Jeff's characters from his cartoon series, or Lady Marrah's fanfic characters. I don't really think it makes a difference, though, since the riffs are still Web Site #9 authentic!

Rude Awakening by The Cute Animal Characters Original story by Jeff Zimmerman
Summary: After being stuck aboard Malduke, Cait Sith uses a summon materia to call his cute animal friends. They, in turn, tear apart a not-exactly-bad-but-not-all-that-great fanfic on Final Fantasy 7.

Servents of Darkness by The Cute Animal Characters Original by General Slaughter
Summary: It's Cat Day for the CAC! In fact, "Every day is Cat Day!" but this time, a special visitor makes a cameo appearance to help riff! It's Jeff--I mean, Felix the Cat! And yes, 'Servents' is supposed to be spelled like that (in the author's opinion, at least).

Nexa's Revenge by Stüssy and friends Original by General Slaughter
Summary: After hearing about the new Mystery Science Theater, Stüssy and the gang (visit Jeff's site to learn more about them) decide to sit down, eat candy (well, Oynx at least), and make fun of one of the worst fanfics I've ever read (yes, it's worse than Servents of Darkness, and by the same author!).

Lightning Ace by Stüssy and friends Original by Ace Hall
Summary: After trying to figure out what to do for the day (and ripping off PaRappa in the process), the gang goes to the Mystery Science Theater, riffing a self-inserted, Sonic the Hedgehog, absolute worst piece of trash fanfic I have EVER read. Yes, worse than Nexa's Revenge, and that's saying a whole lot!

A Good FanFic by Stüssy and friends Original by Ace Hall
Summary: The gang tears apart a Pokemon fic, and Oynx and Stüssy are acting a little childish that day. Well, actually, Stüssy's normal. Don't let the name fool you.

The Tekken 3 Flame by the Staff of the Midgar Swamp Original by Ace Hall
Summary: Our guestbook has been grafitti'ed on! What do we do? MST the grafitti! Serpent231 has just recieved a not-so-pleasant message about his Tekken 3 FAQ from an illiterate "homey" who calls himself ReD. He calls over his two pals to take a look at this devastating situation. Caution: This guy are sick!

Silent Wind by the New Returners Original by Michael Pearce
Summary: Characters featured in one of Lady Marrah's dramatic fanfics, The New Returners, riff a half-decent Chrono Trigger fic. Note the half.

The Mall of 3000 by Stussy and the Gang Original by CoOlDuDe
Summary: You thought that Futurama was a pretty funny show at first. Then, someone had to write a lame fanfic about it, and ruin the characters' reputations! Only MSTing can bring this criminal to justice. Warning: Contains "speedy esculators"!

The System Lords Attack! by Shin-ichi, Lady Marrah, and Terrato Original by Apophis
Summary: One quiet day in Windor, some evil spaceships came down and declared war. Well, Shin-ichi couldn't just sit around and do nothing, he had to to, uh, something! He had to MST! Taken straight from the Tavern message board at The Kingdom of Windor.

Mystery Esper Theater 2000 #1
Mystery Esper Theater 2000 #2
Mystery Esper Theater 2000 #3
Mystery Esper Theater 2000 #4
by JeffreyAtW and Mikosi Original by, uh, assorted
Summary: JeffreyAtW's character, Skyler, and his friend's character, Mikosi, along with some other "Esper-friends", MST some really stupid fics!

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