If you want a change of pace, or are just sick of this place, here's a whole page o' shameless plugs!

Thoughts From Hell The result of two years of writing notes to each other on binder paper, JeffreyAtW and Serpent231 have opened up a new site where one can read all their rants, conversations, and sexual encounters they've had with each other through binder paper -- all in their entirety!

GameFAQs.com In short: If you're ever stuck in a game, GameFAQs.com will %99.9231 of the time help you through.

Videogames.com This, in my opinion, is one of the best information sources for games on the web, and has some honest (if not nitpicky) reviews. It's also got a great newsletter that I've subscribed to for free. My only gripe is its Metal Gear Solid review.

Web Site Number 9 The home of hilarious works called "MiSTings", a process where one or more people take a really bad fanfic and insert one-liners in-between the lines of it. Basically, it contains "Rude Awakening"  style humor.

Wrestlemaniacs Another pro-wrestling site, Wrestlemaniacs focuses more on news and (definitely) opinions than WWF.com. Additionally, it features some hilarious results of RAW is WAR and the usual wrestling shows aired. It's another great site to get inside info if you're a wrestling fan.

The Gaming Intelligence Agency Although we are not such Fritz Fraundorf fanatics anymore, it's nice to know that he's still one of the best at the coolest gaming news website on the internet, the GIA.

RPGamer A great site for RPG enthusiasts, obviously. Features great music, news, some fanfics that try to be good but, uh, fail most of the time (no offense, Jeff Zimmerman), and more!

Zany Video Game Quotes A hilarious site showcasing all the mistranslations, clunky dialogue, and Professor Daravon-ish quotes from a ton of games. Once you read a section over, you want to move on to the next, and the next, and, well, soon, you've finished them all and are begging for more. Truly original.

The Janus Zeal Network This place is an entertaining site built by the online RPer (no, not e-rasslin'), fanfic writer, Cosmo Canyon fan, and former staff member, Loren Leah. It has some of her work, character info (from the RPing), and more hits than my site (grr..).

Altavista: Translations A pretty cool tool which lets you convert text into different languages. It could help you cheat on French homework (not recommended), but more importantly, it speaks perfect Daravonese! Just take some text (like this whole links section), run it through a language (Spanish and German are the best), then convert it back to English for hilarious results!

IcyBrian's Homepage A gargantuan site featuring just about everything you need to know for RPGs, fanfics, walkthroughs, reviews, pretty funny humor lists, mostly on how to annoy people. There is no way that you can explore the whole place in one sitting.

Scoopthis.com What used to be a truly innovative, original, and hilarious pro-wrestling parody site is now a truly innovative, original general humor site who pokes fun at celebrities and current events. Definetely worth a visit--you've got to hear the trailer for the Phone Call!

The Hampster Dance Uh, I'll just leave you to decide what this hilarious page really means. And yes, they spell it "Hampster" on purpose (don't ask me why).

Seanbaby's Home Page This page is, and I quote from the invisible man standing right next to me, "Your one stop mindless humor stop!" Note: It has a spoonyload of swearing, more negatory references to Catholicism than Xenogears and Final Fantasy Tactics combined, and a couple comics by Cedric "boy" Henry!

YKYPTM GameIAQs links to one of their staff members's pages, and that's a smart move, since this place is hilarious. It's filled with huge lists of You Know You've Played Too Much (INSERT GAME HERE). Their Xenogears list alone has over 500 signs!

CRZ.net [slash] Wrestling CRZ works for Wrestlemaniacs as a RAW is WAR and WCW Nitro recapper (reporter). But he's not your average recapper. Oh, no. Christopher Robin Zimmerman is intelligent and funny, and his wrestling reports are simply hilarious. He uses his own style (instead of boring journalism) which works immensely well, and has developed so many of his own patented jokes (like calling Jeff Jarrett "Jedoublef Jadoubleredoublet", or making funny non sequitor remarks about wrestlers before matches), that you can't help but call him the Fritz Fraundorf of recappers. What once was Chris's homepage turned into a site where CRZ wannabes and columnists all contribute stuff! Trust me, there's a LOT of smart columns--more than I even care to read. I'd contribute a recap, but I wouldn't be noticed in the flood of reports ^_^

Cyber Camera One of the coolest tools on the web today. It's an internet camera that takes an actual picture of you! Trust me, you've got to try it to believe it!

The 27 List I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this! It's just like 231 Sightings , only there are a lot more, the rules are a lot looser, and many of them are based around Weird Al Yankovic (it's his favorite number). And no, I didn't get the idea from them.

Mundi Noctem This is a place to roleplay along with people across the internet. Based on a Final Fantasy-type town, Mundi Noctem is a place to chat, meet new friends, and create stories. JeffreyAtW's joined as Skyler Yokotani, and Ragnarok's joined as...Ragnarok, off course!

Videogame Music Archive Wow! This place has all the MIDIs you'll ever need. Ever! It's where I'm going to get my MIDI of the Days for the next, say, 60 years.

beN64 A site featuring reviews, screenshots, and codes for N64 games. And not only that, but it's run by a huge Cosmo Canyon fan, too! I don't even have the system, and I go here. And in case you're wondering about the name, the webmaster's name is Ben. Clever, no?

The IAQ Elite This is a place run by fellow IAQ Club members Arkrist Merkava, Justin McNeil, and Silverguy--featuring IAQs, FAQs, and song parodies. If you think our IAQ page is too small, then this is the place for you ^_^

The Midgar Slums When RPG Frontier decided to go parody our site, they thought they'd keep it a secret... but they thought wrong! So here it is, forever displayed on the Swamp as a mark of shame. But don't go and insult RPG Frontier, they understand.

1-800-578-7453 -- The Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corporation This hilarious hotline for an actual tobacco company features the best jingle EVER. Take a listen.

Final Fantasy Name Origins An even more complete list of name origins than Cosmo Canyon's. Very interesting, and worthwhile.

Eek! , purple.com , asdf , and poiuytrewq.com The four coolest sites on the internet.

Captain Japan's Page The home page of the maker of the legendary Slava sound effect. Here you'll find the MP3 of the week, game cheats, humorous images, and links.

BTW, Captain Japan sez: C A R P!

Thor's Homepage of Recalcitrantcy Another RPG Humor site, hosted by Square.Net. It has cool stuff like RPG lookalikes and soundalikes. Also, a cool bio about Andrew Vestal, who lived a similar internet life to Fritz Fraundorf.

The Cool Nut Archives Run by Fred Delles, a huge Breath of Fire fan, this RPG humor site has just as much credibility as RockeT CanyoN, Asgard, and even this ol' place! Featuring loads o' song parodies, BoF 1, 2, 3 and 4 stuffus, and more random Cosmo Canyon humor that we all know and love! : D

The T'inator Helluva like Babelfish, but it doesn't turn your website into a different language, it T'inates it! You heard the man, VIP passes only! Now get out of here! Watch as Mr. Don't touch that! T pops up around your page and gives Mr.T a piece of his helluva tough attitude. Don't tell me how to drive my van!

The Killer Japanese Seizure Robots! The funniest thing on the net next to that movie on the Random Picture Archive , a "fan" site of that old 1972 anime, Mazinger Z, that caused seizures, has captured the hearts (and brains) of, well, a lot of people. Check this out.

A Tribute to Porkins A tribute to one of the greatest characters ever in Star Wars. Some of the people who don't "get" Porkins might argue that he doesn't have a big part, but at least didn't singlehandedly spoil the entire movie he was in like Jar Jar Binks did.

Daily Radar TA great gaming news/reviews/humor site from the makers of the late, great PC Accelerator magazine. Unlike most of the other gaming sites out there, this place has almost as many joke articles as it does serious ones!

The two most disappointing sites on the internet.

The Sentra Network A unification of our fellow sites, established by JeffreyAtW. Great for quick access to these "fine" sites.

Square Shrine A collection of translations of Square games, run by SqaureGod, who was at the FF9 Consumer Demo Day.

Something Awful One of the funniest sites on the Internet. Probably better than Seanbaby, and maybe almost as good as this site! All right, all right, we're kidding. It wouldn't hold a walrus to the Midgar Swamp. Anyway, check out Jeff K. 's site while you're there.

RPG World This comic tells it like it is. As if it were transforming the Dictionary of RPG Cliches into a comic, RPG World stars "THE HERO" as he embarks on his quest to... uh... do lots of stuff.

SinclairC's Page IRC logs, MIDI compositions, art...it sounds a lot like this place, but There's Something About Sinclair that makes his site more than just a personal homepage. Go here every now and then if you want to join the SinclairC following.

Yourmom.com As if the jokes aren't worn out enough. You can get a new e-mail address if you can get everybody you know to remember it. After all, life is too short to pass up the chance of [yourname]@yourmom.com...

Final Fantasy Creamy Goodness No, not that FF creamy goodness. Run by fellow reader Crunchbucket, this place has all the stuff you anime-spoony^^;;; guys are into. Not to mention a special guest appearance by our very own BoB the Dem()/\/

Japanese for Crustaceans Lobstaboy forced to link to his site--this not-as-frequently-updated-as-before, kickass reviewing, comic drawing, CAPS LOK MISPELED ALOT STILE--for reasons beyond our understanding.

The Midgar Demon's Lair TMD: "The Midgar Demon's Lair is a relatively new site at the moment. Currently, it has just one story, but is open to submissions. It's also looking for any and all fan art. The Midgar Demon runs the place, and writes as well. With a little help, this site could turn into a truly awesome site."
Serpent231: Yep, what he said. We all started out small.

Shoryuken.com A great site about competitive Street Fighter. They have killer strategies, amazing combo videos and tournament matches--plus, the message boards are just as entertaining. Bookmark this place and read up if you want to become a better Street Fighter.

The Star Wars Pants Page Take quotes from the Star Wars series and replace a word with "pants" somewhere ("I find your lack of pants disturbing."). Pure genius.

Everything2.com Without a doubt, the most informative site on the internet. It's basically a comprehensive, contributed database of everything and anything on earth. Search for anything you want to know about, and chances are, you'll find it.

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