Welcome to the Fanfics page! In here, you'll find stories (also known as fanfiction, or fanfics) featuring characters from games, and often, they're extremely humorous! Forget serious--this is the Midgar Swamp!

Xenogears Solid: Tactical Crossover Action by Fritz Fraundorf
In his funniest fanfic yet, Fritz Fraundorf lives up to his name, and will make you laugh out loud and wish Cosmo Canyon wasn't dead. Starring Fei Wong Fong AS Solid Snake, this parody and crossover has it all: humor, action, parodies, and...a Blue Bananas joke!

The Match You Thought You'd Never See by Justin McNeil
In a crossover between the WWF and the WCW, four arguing announcers call what was supposed to be the greatest match in history, but ended up in a distaster. Includes "roody poo"!

Blue and Green by Fritz Fraundorf
Still one of my favorite FFFFF (Funny Fritz Frandorf Fanfics), Blue and Green tells the tale of Cait Sith and his garage band, the Cute Animal Characters, who try for stardom. Too bad they don't have any talent.

The Quest for the Jade Monkey by Serpent231                                                
My first fanfic I ever wrote. It was for a contest on Cosmo Canyon, so most of the jokes are CC-related. It's not all that great, but hey, it was my first one, after all.

The Quest for the Jade Monkey 2: Part One by Serpent231                                                
My second fanfic! Ya hoo! Alright! This one stars the Cute Animal Characters as they try to set Cid's alarm clock back. It's a lot more humorous than it sounds.

PJ Berri sez: Man, it's phat!

Thank you.

The Ghost of Junon Harbor by Cap'n CAM                                       
Cap'n CAM keeps the Cosmo Canyon tradition alive by sending us this Piece de Kickspoonyness. Join LANDSLIDE as they get tangled in some ca-rayyzay adventures! All from the mind of RockeT CanyoN's owner!

Squall, the Ghetto Hero by Teron Blaze                                       
Even though it's really short, and Barret, as we all know, is already the ghetto hero, here is Teron Blaze's thoughts on Squall's character. Viewer discretion advised.

My Fellow Dragonierians by Fred Delles
Written in December 1998. When Rei screws up his New Year's Resolution toward Momo, he ends up on a quest with Ryu and Teepo to find the perfect gifts for her by New Year's, and find out why the heck Starbucks Coffee stores are popping up all over the place. Unfortunately, Alys Brangwin and her Phantasy Star team is out to kill them...

Final Fantasy Deathmatch Tournament 2000 by Guzman
Guzman's second fanfic, and a great one at that. Starring some familiar Final Fantasy faces, a hilarious deathmatch turns awry when Squall and Cloud awaken Neo-Sephiroth. A great story, with humor and drama ingeniously combined. Look for a hidden link!

Stupid Story by BobCFed08
A long lost, unfinished fanfic by our former staff member features a Beath of Flams-ish premise...only this time, the Jello's evil. Really fun while it lasts, but don't expect Bob to complete it.

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