This page showcases all the miscellaneous things that we've either written or collected throughout the internet.

Warning: Outdated, mostly unfunny Swamp staff member material lies ahead. But it gets funnier the lower you go.

Waves A dislocated page with some funny sounds, including the legendary Untitled.

WCW Saturday Night Recap Serpent231 recaps a night of bad wrestling. We're not sure why it's still on here, but it was one of the first things he's written.

The Yuffie Conspiracy Theory Page It'sFritz Fraundorf's legendary, controversial, and always funny... Yuffie Conspiracy Theory Page! Yes, that's right, Yuffie is really the daughter of Jenova! For info, sightings, and humor, check out this page to see why the staff members call her the Evil One.

Daravon Attacks the Swamp! "Proffesor" Daravon, after having fun in France, mistranslates the main page of the Midgar Swamp.

Serpent231 Responds to an MST Request! After some guy requested to MST the Quest For the Jade Monkey, Serpent231 replied with this, using as many in-jokes from the site as I could, with no structure. It's probably the stupidest, most energetic thing I've ever written.

Midgar Swamp Create-A-Wrestler Combinations WWF Attitude Create-A-Wrestler combinations by Serpent231: James (serp) in real life, and Serpent the E-Wrestler!

Best of the Mailbag

compiled by Serpent231, written by Fritz Fraundorf and readers.

Best of the Mailbag looks back on the best quotes, answers, and letters of the immortal Fritz Fraundorf's hilarious Mailbag. It actually still holds up, unlike most of the stuff on this page.

Serpent231 Responds to a Chain Letter! After being sent his 1278364th chain letter from internet illiterates, Serpent231 finally cracked under the pressure and wrote--he also cut and pasted--this pointless rant about how bad chain letters are. Read at your own risk, as it has nothing to do with RPG Humor.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? In the tradition of Fritz Fraundorf's "Is The Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?", I asked a bunch of Midgar- Swamp-reference characters the oh-so-hilarious woodchuck question.

Fraundorfia A report that Serpent231 did for freshman History as part of a Create-a-Continent project, this tells you all about Fraundorfia: Land of the Dullard. Ugh, fake freshman enthusiasm.

Which Came First, The Chicken or the Egg? Pinchy the Lobster knows! Done in the exact same style of the glass and the woodchuck.

Mr. T vs. Generic Guy! Not only was this Serp's first (and probably last) "Mr. T vs." comic, it was for a school French project, aussi.

Serpent231 IS The Online Nuisance What happens when you put a webmaster hopped up on caffiene inside Delphi chatrooms at 11:00 at night? We don't know either, but here's some fun chat transcripts to keep you occupied.

AOL Conversations of Bob BobCFed08, the maker of trends, has put all of his documented AOL conversations into one fun loving... uh, document. Be warned - rather severe language and the like is in most of this.

Conversation #1: Love at first sight?

Conversation #2: ...maybe not.

Conversation #3: An "OK" chat. (worst one ever)

Conversation #4: The whole VEG issue gets wrapped up. Big disappointment.

Conversation #5: Serp is an emotional wreck after all his affairs.

Serpent231's own attempts at pitying random fools online. The whole story with VEG is that Serpent231 pretended to be somebody who knew VEG took it upon herself to try to found out everything about him. She ended up having send him an anonymous e-mail saying that somebody had a crush on him...thinking he was this guy.

Nobody does Incredible Crisis better than Lobstaboy. Ol' VEG gets confused even more after Serpent231 told her to look for a guy named Lobstaboy. She still thinks Serpent231 really knows her here.

Serpent231 and BobCFed08 present:

Nougats of Chat pt. 1

Nougats of Chat pt. 2

Nougats of Chat pt. 3

They promise never to stoop this low for at least another...week.

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