Serpent231's Response to an MST Request

The original message read as follows:

> From: "Roger Berebitsky" <>

> To: <>

> Subject:   Jade Monkey

> Can I do a MySTing of that? I mean, I'm sure you're a nice person and all, but that story...

> Heeheehee, check out for more quality MySTs...

> Blackjack

> (use this address)

And Serpent231 responded with THIS:

Zuh?! This is really weird. I've gotten two responses to my fic in two days! One guy (do you know him?) loved it (he gave it a 9.5 - ha!), and now someone wants to MST (yes, that's what I call them) it! Come on, foo'! There's plenty of other crappy fics out there (coughhackNSYNCcoughcough) to make fun of! Mine's got good grammar and spelling and whatnot, plus, the humor in it only appeals to devoted fans of the kick-spoony, but now-dead, COSMO CANYON *ominous music*! Off course you wouldn't understand most of it!

*Mooselini from PaRappa the Rapper voice* It's harder than you think it is!

Anyway, in response: Nothin' doin', PAL! It's only my first one, so I don't really want anybody doing anything to it yet! Okay? OKAY?! I've actually begun a SEQUEL to it, though, so maybe later (that is, if I have enough time to finish it by the next millenium--I DO have a pretty big RPG Humor page with MSTings and more ca-rayzay stuff). Then maybe you can MST THAT ONE, OKAY?! Ya gotta believe!

However, I've got a proposal for YOU (buaha ha haa..)! How 'bout you join in on my next MSTing with my friend and I? We've already done about 6 MSTs, and we always have trouble finding a third person for them. And since our MSTs are always group MSTings, you'd fit right in!

Off course, you probably don't want to team up with some random guy you hardly know (who has a cool site) who wrote a stupid fanfic, so I'm not forcing you or anything. Heck, I'm just babbling on for no reason in a letter about saying "no" to a request for an MST! Is that spoony or what? No, you say? Well, may you fall down a step and hurt your bum, you block block head!

--Serpent231 A.K.A That Spum-kickin' Author of the Jade Monkey Fic, His Only Fic, and Proudest Accomplishment (actually, it's not, but I'm just saying that to make you reconsider) Yet!

PS: I'll bet you never thought I'd respond like this, did you? Mwahahahaaa, I bet you thought I was one of them there "fUk u piEce uV &%^o^$& ill lay teh sMek dOwn on ur caNdY @$$%@#$@!!!!!!111 u R teh 1 wHo BBRRBRBRBRBRBRBRRGH!!111" illiterates

who used his spell checker really well after writing a fanfic! Eh? Eh?

Okay, maybe not. But still, responding like this was fun for me!

PPS: Oh, yeah. In case you forgot what this letter was about in the first place.... No, you CAN'T MST IT!!!

PPPS: Not really a comment, but more of a random outburst. Hit it, Tellah!

(sing to the tune of Kyle's Mom is a Stupid B*#@%;)


Gilbert Muir's a Spoon, he's a Spoony Bard 
He's the Spooniest Bard in the whole Square world 
He's a Spoony Bard if there ever was a Spoon 
He's a Spoon to all the boys and girls

On Monday he's a Spoon, on Tuesday he's a Spoon 
And Wednesday to Saturday—Spoony Bard 
Then on Sunday just to be different 
He's a Super King Spoony-oony Baay-ard!

Have you ever seen this Spoon, Gil Muir 
He's the biggest Spoon in the whole Square world 
He's a mean littl' Spoon and he has a Spoony harp
He's a Spoon Spoon Spoon Spoon Spoon Spoon Spoon
Spoon Spoon Spoon Spoon Spoon Spoon Spoon 'cause 
He's a Spoony Bard
Gilbert Muir's a Spoon 
And he's just a Spoony Bard

Gil-bert is a Spoooooooona..."

PPPPS: Ever wondered what would happen when a screwed-up author got a message like yours? Well, it ain't pretty, my friend.

PPPPPS: Oh, and by the way, I was just kidding about you joining our elite MST squad. *Nelson voice* Ha-ha!

PPPPPPS: And no, you can't MST this letter.

PPPPPPPS: And sorry, I already have a better place to read MSTs. Buaha ha haa!!

I hope this answers your question! Or maybe it scared you off. Either way: Sploit! See what kinds of FUN people you can meet on the Net? Look at the nifty ASCII art I can do!


You ain't seen nothin' yet!


That's a snake, BTW.

And now, just in case you're going to MST this letter (WHICH YOU CAN'T), I'll throw you a frickin' stinger!

Sackbutt sackbutt sackbutt sackbutt sackbutt sackbutt sackbutt.

No, wait, wrong one.

"My knee's in pain..."
"So is my brain..."
"May-I helpyou?"

"Hey, did you just feel that?" Cait Sith asked Vincent, who was the only other one awake.

"Feel what?"

"It's like someone else that's like us is someplace else..."


"Or maybe it was that pear I had for lunch."


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