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Now you're probably thinking to yourself: What?! Wrestling AND codes on anRPG Humor site?! Well, let me get this cleared up. These aren't just any kinds of characters you can make in WWF Attitude... these are MIDGAR SWAMP characters! That's right, the people you have come to, uh, recognize on the Swamp will be at your fingertips after you print out these combinations and use them in Attitude! And now that I have the codes part cleared up,I'll try to give you some facts about why this doesn't have to do with wrestling.




Well, it still has to do with wrestling, but why would you bother to look at this page if you don't have WWF Attitude?

Now on to the Midgar Rasslers!

(Note: If I've left a feature out, then I'm just leaving it to the default selection)

(Note #2: I'm assuming you know where all the categories are: I'm not going to say Go to the Create section, Head section, the Accessories section, and choose the Sunglasses category to find where the Eyeglasses are)

(Note #3: If you see three numbers in parenthesis (like 23-1-23),no, it's not a locker combo, or someone's meas--er, I meant...never mind. I just wanted to say that they stood, in order, for the three color categories you can edit)

Midgar Rassler #1:James Gowdey (AKA Serpent231)!

By the way, this could be the closest you'll ever get to seeing my realface... and it's not even a perfect representation! Buaha ha haa!!

Body Type: Male Skinny
Eyes: Raised Eyebrow
Nose: Average 1
Mouth: Closed Lips 9
Hair: Long Bangs (5, 8, 2)
Sunglasses: Eyeglasses (no, I don't wear these kinds of glasses in real life--they were the closest I could come to normal glasses)
Shirt: Plain Shirt 2 (35, 50, 50) Sleeve length: 46
Armpads: Tribute (Woooooo!)
Pants: Jeans (62, 70, 46)
Shoes: Sneaker (47, 33, 58)
Text--Chest: Line 2: SERPENT Line 3: 231
           Back: Line 2: YOU Line 3: SPOONY Line 4: BARD!
First Name:James
Last Name:Gowdey
Alias: Serpent231
Attributes: Anything, but make sure I'm fast--I'm a pretty fast runner in real life.
Moves: Anything, but make sure my Finisher is the 'Lo Down (I can do this pretty well!) and the Sky High (my other favorite move)
Fighting Style: D'Lo Brown
Theme Song: Either Lil' Mikee Sez So (sounds kinda cool) or Mark Henry's old theme (the beat matches the entrance)
Run In Partner: D'Lo Brown
Voice/Grunts: Banzai (it's my Chop Chop Master Onion imitation!) or Jabroni (c'mon, it's funny!)

Midgar Rassler (Dr. Evil voice) Number Two:Serpent!

Yeah, he looks kinda like a luchadore, but the voice and entrance are dead on!

Body Type: Male Average
Mouth: Smile 4
Mask: Green Wing (55, 50, 50)
(Shirt) Design: Lizard (27, 63, 41)
Gloves: Dragon (29, 100, 34)
(Pants) Design: Tiger (58, 62, 41)
Shoes: Snake (30, 100, 43)
Text: Chest (58, 62, 41)--Line 1: IM (hey, they didn't include apostrophes in the game! And no, don't include this in the game) NOT Line2: MESSING Line 3: WITH Line 4: YOUR Line 5:MIND...
          Back: (35, 63, 50)--Line 1:YOU Line 2: JUST Line 3: THINK Line 4: I AM!
Name: Serpent
Alias: Serpent
Moves: Anything, but the Finisher has to be the Sky High (closest I could come to a Choke Bomb) and the Trademark has to be either one of the People's Elbows (Venom Elbow)
Crowd: Cheer
Fighting Style:Al Snow
Theme Song: Sugar Rush (sounds almost as bad as Blue and Green!)
Entrance:Al Snow (he's holding Bread!)
Run-In Partner: Head (no, it's Bread, goshspoonit!)
Voice/Grunts: Crusty (now THAT'S Serpent's voice!)

That's it for now! More rasslers soon!

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