Sound Clips

Here is a list of wave files that we find amusing! Beware of the Untitled one, though.

George Costanza's Answering Machine This is a hilarious clip from Seinfeld. Just listen to it, and tell me what you think.

"Adios, Muchacho!" This makes a great (and funny) way to end your Windows session if you know how to configure the sounds. It's the Soup Nazi saying, "Bye Bye, Friend!" only, in a slightly different language.

Johnny Gomez's Catchphrase And in addition to "Adios Muchacho", here's another great way to end Windows. If you've ever watched Celebrity Deathmatch, you'll recognize it.

"Hoochie Mama!" Another .wav file from Seinfeld.

"Will you stop that, man? You're freaking me out!" Another .wav file from Seinfeld. Act strange around your computer, and Kramer will say this.

Mankind Theme An eerie, but cool theme from the WWF Superstar, Mankind. He apparently has a new one now, but I still like this more.

Untitled (it's a good thing, too!) by Thuh Captain and JeffreyAtW A sound effect made by my nameless disgusting friend, who's obsessive-compulsive behavior causes him to feel it necessary to make these odd, revolting, yet squishy sound effects every friggin' day at school in an attempt to be funny. 'Nuff said.

A Touching Death Scene One of the cheesiest death scenes I've ever heard. It's from some game called Robo Aleste, and even has cheap p*orno (hey, the Swamp is E rated, after all) music in the background. more...step...

"Jigglypuff!" Next to the Hampsterdance, it's the cutest sound effect you'll ever hear.

The Predator Gone Mad by Thuh Captain It starts out with a Predator laughing maniacally, and ends up... uh...

Whoot! by Serpent231 Just "The Predator Gone Mad" sound effect backwards...sounds like he's saying"Whoot!" at some parts, though!

Cow Tippin' by Serpent231 Y'see, Beavis 'n Butthead go out to tip a cow, and...yeah.

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