How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck if a Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood?

"How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"

by Serpent231

Red XIII: Given the rate of chucking that the woodchuck could chuck multiplied by the diameter of the wood, the elapsed time of chucking would be 23.1872398533333331 seconds per wood.

Cloud: Yeah.

Barret: Shu' up, foo'! This question be related to dat stage in Um Jamma Lamma! I hate that skanky-^$& &#%*@!

Daravon: woodchucks are chucks tat are wood.

Cid: What the %*@# *#&$^^;;&#^*^&*n_n*$^%^_^%^@^&$@#:P*#$@^%&*@o_O(#%^@ does it matter?!

Caires Sith: Huh huh huh... wood.... Sploit!

Wedge: Hey there, lil' buddy!
(the woodchuck bites his head off)

Baby: You are the wood who BGHLGHLGHGHLGHLGHLGBHHG

Rude: Whad'd ::hic:: yoo shhayy? That ::hic:: hampstersh talkin' to me agin....::hic::

Stupid internet person: tEh wOod loKs lIKe wHaT hapENs wEhN i GO 2 teH cG shRInEs eheheheheehehehh!!!!!!!!1111

Yuffie: This is, like, totally a trick question! GAWD!

Random Anime Fan: He'd chuck more wood than you would, 231-san ^_^ Huggles!

Shave: He ain't numba one *bmbmbmCH!* so he wouldn't get much done *bmbmbmCH!*

Pokerman: A pyrochuck would-a burn as much-a wood as a pyrochuck could-a burn if a pyrochuck could-a burn-a wood. Oops, that's-a the wrong-a question.

Seanbaby: Nothing helps you chuck wood faster than a HOSTESS FRUIT PIE!

Ben McKee: HAAA FRITTER! Zucchinis are ripe!

Vincent: ...

Rudy: ...

Crono: ...

Another Random Anime Fan: Are you trying to confuse me, baka? *thwap*

Ace Hall: he'd blody Chuck precisely eight hundred and Four peices of Wood.

Ma-San: Biubiubiubiubiubiubiubiubiubiubiubiubiu!!! (I dunno.)

Lammy: Ohhh, I d-don't know this!
(the woodchuck turns into a guitar)
Oh, that's right, the woodchuck's in my MIND! Leave it to Lammyyy!

Mr. T: I dunno, foo', but he'd chuck it HELLUVA fast! 

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