Hey-hey, welcome to Fraundorfia! This continent was founded by the supreme leader Fritz "The Dullard" Fraundorf, and just about everything you see on this continent relates to him in some way. Cities, rivers, mountains, and the rest of the locations featured on the continent are named after places in video games he likes, or web sites that are related to him. Fritz's ultimate goal in life was to live in a world similar to the role playing games he played as a young boy, and Fraundorfia is his idea of a perfect continent.

Fritz first discovered this continent after using his new Acme Lil' Columbus Telescope he received in the mail. The year was 1998, and he was sixteen at the time, living in the town of Seal Rock, Oregon. He had always wanted to have his own continent, and this, he thought, was his chance to make his dream come true.

After some convincing of his parents, he was shipped off in a crate to this undiscovered land. Upon arriving, he used some Junior Woodchuck Survival Skills that he had learned from his Junior Woodchuck Troop #231, and stayed at the continent for a year, his only memory of home being an empty box of Quaker Oatmeal--one of his favorite things for breakfast. Eventually, other people were curious about this new continent, emigrated there, and settled in various places. Now, even though the year is only 2031, the continent is full of interesting and happy people. Fraundorfia truly has an interesting history behind it.

Fritz is the supreme ruler and dictator of the continent, and resides in the city of Seal Rock--this is the capital of the continent, by the way. He has divided it into five provinces: Quaker, East Quaker, West Quaker, Midgar, and Spoony. These are each run by a different leader picked by Fritz himself: The ancient Tellah Lorne is the governor of East Quaker, tough-talking Cid Highwind controls West Quaker, snobby Rufus Shinra looks over Midgar, all-around cool guy Jim Rowdey runs Spoony, and Fritz's right hand man, Travis Allen (who will attempt to overthrow Fritz in later years), is in charge of Quaker. Every year, these leaders leave their homes--the capitals of their respective provinces--and travel down to Cid's villa in the sunny Costa Del Sol to shoot pool, drink Choco-Cola (sodas made from Chocobos, a genetically enhanced bird similar to an ostrich), discuss new laws and politics, and make fun of Rufus's hair.

Those who inhabit the continent all understand what goes on inside of Fritz's slightly-crazy head, and act like townspeople in role playing games to make Fritz happy. The citizens are of all races are here. After all, they emigrated from all over the world to live in Fraundorfia--similar to the pilgrims coming to America.

Video games are a big industry in this continent (Fritz demands them) and Fraundorfia also receives large imports of them--well, Port Town receives most of them, actually-- from 989 Studios, Squaresoft, and all those other big gaming companies. Fraundorfia produces plenty of coal--thanks to the hard working people who live in the mining town of Narshe--oil, and Mako energy, which is a powerful, but deadly substance which is said to be the solution to the future energy shortage. Fraundorfia also manufactures interesting new machines.

One of the machines, a flying machine called the Airship, is said to be an alternative to the airplane, and the developers are very excited about shipping them off to the world. Another (developed by Rufus Shinra), called the Sister Ray, could very well be the world's most powerful defense mechanism. Fraundorfia also has made buggies, which are durable, high-tech vehicles capable of crossing rivers and wasteland with no trouble at all. All of these inventions have made it possible for the inhabitants of Fraundorfia to live healthier lives--more money for the government means lower taxes!

Fraundorfia is located west of North America, and north of Hawaii. Fritz's home in Seal Rock is located in roughly the middle of Fraundorfia--151 degrees west, 32.5 degrees north. Seal Rock is the capital of Fraundorfia, by the way.

In case you were wondering about how a city can be the capital of an entire continent, Fraundorfia is the name of the entire continent, but it's also the name of the country--similar to the continent/country of Australia. You see, there are two countries in the continent of Fraundorfia, one being Fraundorfia, and the other being This Is NOT An Ominous Piece of Land, which is so small, nobody but some guy who calls himself Sage Bubba lives there. TINAOPoF is, technically, part of Fraundorfia--mainly because Fritz just wanted to give it a funny name.

The main cities in Fraundorfia prosper mostly because of their location. For example, Narshe has good business in coal mining because it is near Mt. Arigatosan--a mountain which is abundant in coal. Other cities like Jamestown and Windia attracted visitors because they are near a large supply of fresh water, such as the Midas River. Port Town is near the ocean, which means that it is a good place for imports and exports (thus the name). And finally, some cities became popular and successful because of their name--the citizens of San Jose still claim that they made the name up before that city in California.

In terms of population, the cities with the most people would have to be Jamestown. Jamestown drew people from the USA because the leader of the Spoony province--Jim Rowdey--came from America as a nobody, but got to know Fritz over the years and eventually became famous throughout the continent. This inspired people to come from the USA to ask Jim for advice on how you can become famous, and over time, Jamestown became a BIG city with a population of around 1,600,000. Jim is proud to be part of Fraundorfia, and always tries to get new citizens to come to Fraundorfia and join the cult, er, continent.

As you can see on the climate map, Fraundorfia's climate is mostly Mediterranean with some Tropical, Semi Arid, and Arid thrown into certain places. There is only one desert--the Figaro Desert--in the entire continent, and everywhere else, people live without the burden of scorching heat and the threat of droughts. There is plenty of sun and rain, and occasionally we see frost in the winter.

Sounds like a kickspoony place! Count me in! ::cheesy smile::
Glad you've decided to emigrate to this weird place full of Chocobos, funny people, and towns named after places in roleplaying games! Fritz would be proud if he knew you were coming.

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