The System Lords Attack!

The System Lords Attack!

Original story by Apophis

MST'ed by JeffreyATW aka Shin-ichi

Shin-ichi, traveler
Lady Marrah, enchantress
Terrato, the Midgar Zolom

Part 1: The Invasion Has Begun...

*Life in Windor is going quite peacefully at the present time.

Lady Marrah: But I've left! How could that be?

But suddenly, in a Windorian Intelligence Base,

Terrato: Hey! That's a cool acronym! WIB! WIB, WIB, WIB...
Shin-ichi: *sings* Here come the WIB...

the Radar picks up five ships comming into orbit around the planet.

Shin-ichi: Hey! That's a trigger for a lemon fanf--MMPH!
*Lady Marrah claps her had over his mouth*

The ships stop there for a moment,

Terrato (Alien): Just wait a sec, boss! Before we blast a big hole through the earth, lemme finish watching this new episode of I Love Lucy!

and before anybody can get a transmission to the UFOs, every TV begins

Lady Marrah: Exploding.
Terrato: Dancing.
Shin-ichi: Hypnotizing everyone so deeply that their eyes bug out of their sockets and their brains melt! Hee hee hee!
*sweatdrops on Lady Marrah and Terrato*

playing the same message.

Lady Marrah (everyone): *grumbles* Stupid sattelite TV... *grumbles* only recieves one channel at once... *grumbles*

A man is standing in a super high-tech looking ship,

Shin-ichi: *spots a PlayStation 2 in the background* Hey, he's right!

and he himsself looks Eygyptian.

Terrato: ...
Lady Marrah: ...
Shin-ichi: Oh no, my eyes have gypped me!
Terrato: I knew that only you would stoop low enough to crack a joke like that...

His eyes flash yellow and stay that way.

Lady Marrah: GAAH! It's terminal Hepatitis B!!!

He talks in a low, demonic voice.


His message is quite clear and to-the-point.*

"People of Windor! I am Apophis, Leader of the Guauld.

Terrato: If Gau really had his name for a whole race, wouldn't Apophis say: "You Windor people! I Apophis! I big boss of Guauld!"

In conjunction with the other System Lords,

Shin-ichi: *hums ReBoot theme*

we are going to take over your city,

Shin-ichi: Hmmph... been there, done that...

then your nieghboring cities,

Terrato (Windorian): Well, it's a good thing we don't have any cities called "Nieghbor"...

and finnaly this pitiful planet you call home.

Shin-ichi: Hey, it may be my home, and it may be pitiful... but... but... uh...

Once we have won, you will become hosts for other Guaulds and serve us, your new gods, forever.

Terrato (Dumb Windorian): Heh... this guy forgot that we die after a while...

Do you surrender?"

*The reply of

Lady Marrah: "YES!"


Lady Marrah: Close enough.

was so heart-felt and loud that the Aliens could hear it in thier ships.*

Shin-ichi: If they weren't able to hear anything else otherwise, why did this guy ask in the first place?
Terrato: He's schizophrenic!

"Then prepare to die! Those who fight shall be killed, those who hide might live."

Shin-ichi: What if the people did neither?

Then he turned to an Alien behind him. "Start the Invasion!" And that was the last transmission from the Aliens. Almost instantly, however, the five ships started to enter the planet's atomesphere.

Terrato: And burned up instantly.

They came within sight range quite quickly, and they were shaped like Pyrimids.

Shin-ichi: I never knew that Egypt had such a barbaric space plan...
Lady Marrah: They don't have a space plan at all.

These 'Command Ships' had heavy shields.

Terrato: So? Windor has GameShark!

They landed and started deploying flying 'Fighters' that looked like Scythes. These fighters were made out of something that resembled Titanium,

*Lady Marrah starts to cry*
Shin-ichi: There, there... it said Titanium, not Titanic...

and they had light plasma shields. They had one weapon on the tip of each wing, which were shaped like staves and shot heavy energy bolts. The ground troops wore light armor that had head pieces that looked like snake's heads. They also carried 'Staff Weapons', but they hardly did as much damage as thier flying counterparts.

Shin-ichi: Yeah, well I have all that times infinity!
Terrato: I have it times infinity times 100!
Shin-ichi: Nuh-uh!
Terrato: Yuh-huh!

The Invasion has begun...

Terrato: So has a dumb story that most people will ignore.

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