ReD Signs a Guestbook

The Midgar Swamp MSTing Short 1:

ReD Signs a Guestbook

Based on the TV Show "Mystery Science Theater 3000" copyright Best Brains, Inc. Stupid flame signed by "-ReD-".

Serpent231 --
JeffreyATW --
and Lady Marrah --

Completed 6/11/99


(Serpent231's room, Serpent231 is shown sitting in front of his computer, talking to JeffreyATW and Lady Marrah over ICQ.)

Serpent231: Hey, someone just sent me a private message on my guestbook! Let's see what it says...
(reads for a second, then starts laughing)
Serpent231: Oh, you guys, you have to see this! I've got an idea! Let's just make a mini-MST!
JeffreyATW: Does that have anything to do with "Mini-Me" from Austin Powers?
Serpent231: You're MSTing the flame I got, not me.
Jeffrey: Oh. Okay.
Serpent231: So, both of you, come over to my house and tear this guy's--
Lady Marrah: --heart out?
Serpent231: You wish. No, just his comment about my website.
Lady Marrah: Aww, darn.
(JeffreyATW and Lady Marrah magically hop out of the computer screen)
JeffreyATW: All right, so let's go to your guestbook...
Serpent231: Hey, don't look at me typing in my password! This is a private message, you see...
Lady Marrah: Okay, let's just read it already.


Total Number of Private Guests 1

Serpent231: Does anybody actually use this feature for non threatening purposes?
Lady Marrah: Does anybody actually sign your guestbook, Serpent?
Serpent231: Quiet, you.

The Midgar Swamp

(All applaud madly)

Record 1

Serpent231: History One!

Name: ReD

Lady Marrah: XIII!
JeffreyATW: Planet!
Serpent231: Meat! (laughs uncontrollably)

Website: check this S%^t out

Serpent231: Do we have to?
JeffreyATW: Hmm, wonder what his site's about.
(whips out laptop)
JeffreyATW: http://...Hey, this doesn't work!

Referred by: AOL

Serpent231: Ha!
JeffreyATW: You just had to put a CRZ reference in there, didn't you?
Lady Marrah: ACKK!! AOL! (holds up her cross and Buffy Brand (tm) holy water, cowering)

From: Toms river, NJ

Serpent231: We know where you live...mwa ha ha!
Lady Marrah (Heidegger): Gya ha ha! Heh heh.
JeffreyATW: Is it Jersey or Joisey?
All: Joisey!

Time: 1999-06-07 21:07:34

Serpent231: Ooo! Ooo! 210734..2103...231!
(whips out notebook)
JeffreyATW: Man, are you obsessed with that.
Lady Marrah: I don't quite see the logic in that 231 sighting...
Serpent231: Who cares? It's THERE, ain't it?


Serpent231: Now THAT'S putting it lightly.
JeffreyATW: What's this about, anyways?
Serpent231: Tekken 3.
JeffreyATW: What could you say that's bad about Tekken 3?
Serpent231: I have no idea.

yO shit

Lady Marrah: Language! You naughty, naughty boy!
Serpent231: (ReD) yO, s#!&! How's it hangin'?
JeffreyATW: This'd better not be Ace Hall in disguise..

was corny as hell

Serpent231: Never been there. You have to tell me what it tasted like.
Lady Marrah: Creamed corn. Blech. Yet another reason not to get stuck down there. :P

and your move list for KinG

Jeffrey: I've got a move list... Check, and turn, the signals to the right. Check, and turn, the signals to the left!

in Gamefaqs was pathetic.

Serpent231: Could it have something to do with the fact that I only observed the WRESTLING moves in the game?
JeffreyATW: Uh, _all_ King's moves are wrestling moves, Serpent.
Serpent231: Jeez, you're just as bad as Lady Marrah...
Lady Marrah: Hey!

You got no gamin skills.

Lady Marrah: (Hammer) Did you see that, Master? I got MAD SKILLZ!
JeffreyATW: Not skills; today you say "ski-hills."
Serpent231: I be betta tha' Barret in PaRappa, foo'!

WHat I'm tryin to say is,

Lady Marrah: (ReD) I'm leaving you, honey.
Serpent231: Spoony! Don't even JOKE about that!
JeffreyATW (ReD): What I'm tryin' to say is, I'm spending my own precious time flaming someone I don't know while in this time I could have gone to another FAQ and looked up the info I need to know, since I don't know one thing about how to control King.

if you can only get a four hit linker

Serpent231: ...Mom's only going to have half the sausages she needs for dinner.

with king your garbage

Serpent231: What about my garbage? Don't you DARE mess with my garbage!
JeffreyATW (advertisement): This is your garbage with a regular cleanser. But this is your garbage with King, the king of cleaning!

and you go buy the strategy guide

Serpent231: I did, actually. I can now talk in strategy guide abbreviations! Watch!
(pulls strategy guide out and begins reading)
Serpent231: LP -> N FC, BK ALL (RC BN DY). GS JG <+ ~ DS!

(JeffreyATW hits him in the stomach)
Serpent231: Awww...
Lady Marrah: (shakes head ) Serpent...get professional help... Pleeeeeease...

from your local book store.

JeffreyATW: By the way that this guy writes, I doubt he's ever been to a book store.
Lady Marrah (ReD): "Go buy the strategy guide from *your* local bookstore! Only $24.95 plus tax and shipping 'n' handling!" Does this guy work there or something?

You need to know more bout the game before you go online

Serpent231: Okay...Tekken 3 was made by Namco in has 24 characters, a cool opening movie, and a perfect 10 at my site...annnd...the character Gon was created by Masashi Tanaka and Kodansha! Okay, I'm ready to log on!

tryin to tell people how to play when all your doin is disrespectin king's style.

JeffreyATW: Yeah, well why don't you write some junk up? We'll be happy to riff it!


Lady Marrah: Oooo...spiffy logo.
Serpent231: I can do better!


Serpent231: That's a snake, guys.
Lady Marrah: Of course it is, Serpent. Of course...


Serpent231: All right! Doesn't seem like this jerk is coming back to OUR site very soon...
JeffreyATW: So he won't be able to read this.
Serpent231: I told you to stop MSTing me!
JeffreyATW: Sorry.
Lady Marrah: Yeesh. You two are nuts. :P C-ya!
(JeffreyATW and Lady Marrah hop back into the computer screen)

yO shit was corny as hell and your move list for KinG in Gamefaqs was pathetic.

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