The Secondary Staff Members vs. The Unknowns

The Secondary Staff Members vs. The Unknowns

(As we fade in, we can see the traditional blue and green fireworks go off at the entrance way, one of them accidentally flying into the crowd, killing Biggs and Wedge. Blue and Green blasts over the PA, and the crowd gives a mixed reaction to the "music". The camera cuts to our announcers)

Bordam Daravon: Hello, and welcome with the first does not harm exactly of the Deathmatches celebrity! I am Bordam Daravon, and I am joined here by the recapper in famous line, working group Zimmerman of Christopher!

Christopher Robin Zimmerman: Uh... just what you said, Bordam!

Daravon: Ha! Ha! Ha! One was good, that, CRZ!

CRZ: This is gonna be a long night... Anyway, let's take you down to ringside, where the superstars are about to make their way down to, well, ringside!

(Two cloaked figures stride out from the entrance ramp and roll into the ring as the Undertaker theme plays. They stumble about for a while (since they can't actually see anything) in their cloaks, then finally manage to remove their hoods, revealing...)

Daravon: Defect of the sound reproduction, I then not to believe my eyes! It is the ace Hall of " author ", and its flamer of MST-Ed Tekken 3, ReD!

CRZ: In short: It's ReD and Ace Hall, two totally illiterate internet personalities! And they've gotta be pretty mad after what's been done to them. They probably won't be able to get over with the crowd tonight, since they're two of the biggest heels to grace the net!

Daravon: Off course are they, Chrshipher!

(camera cuts to the ring)

Ace Hall: ok ReD i Hardley know you But we must Make This a Bloody good team efort!!

ReD: sHUt up get outta my way

(camera cuts back to the announcers)

Daravon: Now, comes here their adversaries, the two secondary members of personnel of the marsh of Midgar: JeffreyATW and last addition: Lady Marrah Zelt!

(crowd cheers as JeffreyATW and Lady Marrah walk down the ramp, accompanied by the AIW Theme Song)

CRZ: Listen to the pop for the two big time faces! I expect them to work the crowd over tonight!

Daravon: Off course!

CRZ: Heyyy, and Marrah looks pretty good in that--ohh sorry.

(camera cuts to the ring)

JeffreyATW: (calling to the other side of the ring) I kicked your, if you pardon me stealing the expression, "@$$"'es MSTing you before, and I'll do it again!

Lady Marrah: Yeah, and I'll do those four-hit linkers on you that you think are so lame, ReD! Flames make me sad :(

ReD: sHUt up get outta my way

Daravon: For being our referee of this evening, we have, right of the town of pallet, Pikachu!

(CRZ shudders at the name being called. Pikachu walks into the middle of the ring)

Pikachu: Pi-ka...

(a stray Electrode rolls into the ring and explodes, signaling the start of the match)

CRZ: Let's get it on!

Daravon: Ha! Ha! Ha!

(CRZ smacks Daravon upside the head)

Daravon: The ace Hall gives a cry pathetic and stumbles towards JeffreyATW, its fist increased.

Ace Hall: Ill do you a Bloody nomber!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CRZ: JeffreyATW steps aside and Ace Hall runs into the STEEL ringpost!

Daravon: It is ruin of gonna its weekend!

CRZ: ReD runs at Lady Marrah, but she dodges and does an Irish Whip on him! ReD trips over his shoelaces and smashes into Ace Hall, who hits the STEEL ringpost again.

ReD: sHUt up get outta my way

Ace Hall: blimeeyy! u Swine!

Daravon: JeffreyATW comes in ReD, and sticks its finger in the small one of ReD' S behind!

CRZ: God, that is sick, Daravon! He's just giving ReD a pressure point on his back!

Daravon: Is this what I said!

ReD: (annoyed) what the #$&@$%* are yu #$%^@^ doin!

JeffreyATW: Doesn't this hurt you?

CRZ: Oh, I just remembered! ReD's a spineless worm!

Daravon: ReD strikes with any JeffreyATW flight left with a powerful leg. Mrs Marrah takes her personnel and presents it to the squooshle Hall of ace!

CRZ: You mean staff, not personnel, Daravon.

Daravon: Is this what I said! I said the personnel!

CRZ: Okay. Ooh! Ace Hall looks like he's witnessed Lady Marrah's deadliest attack! ReD executes a splash on JeffreyATW.

Daravon: Splish! Splash! Ha! Ha! Ha!

CRZ: ReD starts to lay the smack down on JeffreyATW, while Lady Marrah does the ten-slap countalong on Ace Hall!

Crowd: 2! 3! 1! 4! 5...!

ReD: hey! 231 sightin!

Daravon: ReD obtains inattentive by the song while JeffreyATW reverses the weight! It now extends the smack downwards on ReD!

(cut to backstage)

Stone Cold Steve Caires: Heh heh... extend...

(cut back to ring)

CRZ: Whoa! Something's happening to JeffreyATW! It looks like he's... changing! He's transformed into Sleek Spum, master of Spong Foo! JeffreyATW, I mean, Sleek Spum, runs over to Ace Hall!

Sleek Spum: i WeLL Lay teH sMak doun ON You! I wll cHoSK bomBe you!

Ace Hall: hey I UnderStnd him!


Daravon: Have Hall of bombe"s of chosk smooth Spum " and it carries out far, crying!

CRZ: ReD hops on Sleek Spum's huge back in a frantic rage and tries to play the bongos on his back.

Sleek Spum: u Can;T hurTt meE! Imm! Sleep! spuME!!.!

CRZ: Lady Marrah takes out her sword and pries ReD off Sleek Spum's back with it! She then catapults him off into the audience! ReD crowd surfs for a while, then mysteriously disappears into the crowd!

Lady Marrah: C ya! :P

Daravon: I am happy I am not ReD! This tightened rowdier that a group of ventilators of boys of Backstreet! I hate surfer of crowd!

CRZ: Well said, Daravon. JeffreyATW and  Lady Marrah are our winners!

(Sleek Spum mutates back into JeffreyATW. Pikachu takes JeffreyATW and Lady Marrah's hand, and holds them up as high as he can (i.e. their waists))

Pikachu: Pikachu! Pika pika! Chu!

(Pikachu shocks them, signifying the end of the match. JeffreyATW and Lady Marrah instantly recover)

CRZ: And the the Unknowns get counted-out. Let's call it

Daravon: It is him for today! Grant in the next week for another step exactly Deathmatch celebrity!

CRZ: I'm outta here!

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