NECD #1 Pictures!

NECD #1 Pictures!

After Serpent231 bought the new WWF Attitude, JeffreyATW used his fancy-schmancy computer skills to hook the Playstation up to his computer, and after we both customized 3-D models of the characters in NECD #1, we've created the 3-D version of the match! Since at the end of the video shoot, we found that the file added up to 1.3 gigabytes, we decided to take a couple screenshots! Enjoy.

Lady Marrah gets ready to fight.

...and so does Ace Hall.

Uh... now the whole group gets ready.

Lady Marrah lays the smack down on Ace Hall.

Lady Marrah does a little kick combo to ReD in the corner.

Lady Marrah taunts as JeffreyATW hurts Ace Hall.

Lady Marrah pulls an aerial move on Ace Hall.

JeffreyATW performs Kane's Tombstone.


It's Sleek Spum's newest move -- The Poepleslbow.

Lady Marrah: That's what you get for trying to hurt JeffreyATW!

Weird camera angles are always funny.

JeffreyATW with another chokeslam.

This is going to hurt...

Lady Marrah performs her finishing move on ReD!

Here's the pin...!

Of course.

The winners indulge in their victory.