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What's the Midgar Swamp?
Who's Fritz Fraundorf?
What are the CAC?
What's FF?
Who is the maker of things that don't have names next to them?
Why are the titles of pages colored differently?
Where did the word "spoony" originate?
Why is Blue and Green so bad?
Why is Yuffie called the evil one?
Why does Serpent231 like 231 so much?
You misspelled some words in places. Why?
Why does FF9's Edward Steiner look like Buzz Lightyear?

Q: What's the Midgar Swamp?
A: The Midgar Swamp is two things: a website and a place in a video game. This website is mainly about video games, and humor about them. The name was thought up from a place in the game Final Fantasy 7.

Q: Who's Fritz Fraundorf?
A: Fritz is the one who gave us inspiration for this site. He ran a similar site called Cosmo Canyon, and since it closed down, we started this site up to keep the Cosmo Candle lit (another reference from Final Fantasy 7). Fritz writes great fanfics, but has moved away from video game humor and is now more interested in news, working at the Gaming Intelligence Agency.

Q: What are the CAC?
A: CAC stands for Cute Animal Characters. They consist of five characters, each from a different video game: Cait Sith (Final Fantasy 7), Mog (Final Fantasy 6), Neko (Secret of Mana), Hanpan (Wild Arms), and Spekkio (Chrono Trigger). In one of Fritz Fraundorf's fanfics, Blue and Green, the five characters get together and start a band. Ever since then, they've been together to make parodies of songs, MST fanfics, and compose MIDIs.

Q: What's FF?
A: Leave this site right now! Just kidding. It's an abbreviation for Final Fantasy, a series of great RPG's by Squaresoft. It's commonly mentioned here, and we recommend you play all the FF's. They're cool.

Q: Who is the maker of things that don't have names next to them?
A: That would be Serpent231 (James Gowdey). He's the big kahuna of this site, you know.

Q: Why are the titles of pages colored differently?
A: They're color coded for your convenience! The different colors tell you how easy they would be to understand if you've never visited the site. This code goes as follows:
  • Blue: This is easy to understand.
  • Green: You should have some knowledge about video games before you go to this page.
  • Yellow: Have a lot of knowledge about video games, and know a little about Cosmo Canyon.
  • Red: If you're not a staff member and you understand this, we salute you!

We suggest you read the pages in blue first, but if you want, you can try out some of the Green or even Yellow ones if you feel like it. In fact, Serpent231's dad got a few chuckles out of Not Exactly Celebrity Deathmatches!

Q: Where did the word "spoony" originate?
A: "Spoony" originated in the game Final Fantasy 4. During a battle, a character named Tellah yells out, "You spoony bard!" and the rest is history. You may notice that it's used quite often, it's just our way of covering up bad words. We use "spoony" because it was also used in the fanfic Cid Wars, by Fritz Fraundorf.

Q: Why's the Blue and Green MIDI so bad?
A: Read this fanfic to find out. Or, if you don't have time: A group of cute animals from RPGs got together to form a garage band, but it turned out that they had no talent whatsoever. Blue and Green was their "hit" single, and I made the MIDI intentionally bad.

Q: Why is Yuffie called the Evil One?
A: Well, first of all, she's incredibly annoying in FF7--always interested in money and materia, and bored with everything else. Secondly, according to Cosmo Canyon fans like myself, she's known to be the daughter of Jenova (read the Yuffie Conspiracy Theory to find out the whole story on that)! Finally, she's a valley girl, and as everybody knows, valley girls are...well...evil.

Q: Why does Serpent231 like 231 so much?
A: Well, besides the fact that you answered your own question, it just started out with a kid from Serpent231's old school having the name of a snake followed by 231 (Viper231). Other kids caught on soon afterwards, including Serpent. Because of all the hype, it's now his favorite number.

Q: You misspelled some words in places (i.e. off course). Why?
A: Either two reasons: one, we didn't run a spelling checker, or two, because it's in Daravonese. You might be asking yourself, is that some third world language? The answer is yes, partially. They're all quotes from video games that were originally in Japanese. The translator must have screwed up and typed the phrase the wrong way. The reason we call it Daravonese is because there is a professor in the game Final Fantasy Tactics, who gives you a tutorial of the game. He says weird things like "Ability is a skill you learn with job training", "Items being used are items used in battle", and "goldeneye is eye tat is golden". So we blame every mistranslation on him. Read what he did to the Swamp's front page for more wacky translations.

Q: Why does FF9's Edward Steiner look like Buzz Lightyear?
A: The world may never know.

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