Azure Dreams

Azure Dreams

GIRLS! All I want is GIRLS!

Developer: Konami Publisher: Konami Genre: RPG Players: 1 Memory Blocks: 3-15, but I've never used more than 3 Discs: 1 Analog: No Dual Shock: No ESRB: Everyone Difficulty: Intermediate

Gameplay--This is a great RPG with extremely fun gameplay elements-- some of the most fun I've had. In one part, you have to find the way to one of 8 girls' hearts, or for all you players out there, all 8 girls. You go into the Monster Tower that hovers above your town to either find gold or the most sought after prize: Monster Eggs. If you're good enough, you can climb to the 40th floor of the tower and receive the Ultimate Egg. There's a ton of stuff to collect: all the monsters, all the items, or all the girls ^_^

Graphics--Now, this game won't exactly amaze you in the graphics department, but the monsters are detailed, and the people are distinctive enough to tell who is who. The part with the best graphics is at the pool where you can see your girlfriends in their bathing suits (Uh, kinda self explanitory, there).

Music--The music in this game is pretty catchy at times. It switches tracks when you enter the Tower or other Key places in the Town, so it isn't monotonous. It won't really make you get up and dance, but then again, in an hour, your mom wont walk in the room and see you with your face smashed through the T.V. screen.

Storyline--Azure Dreams has good story that will keep you entertained for weeks. Your father, labled as the best monster tamer ever, was a monster tamer and ventured into the tower many times. One day, he went to get to the top of the Tower, but died on the way up. If you actually make it to the top, you'll find out what happened to him. Now that your character is 15 and an "adult" (dont you wish), you can go into the Tower and hopefully surpass your father as the best monster tamer ever. As you play, you can engage in side quests, like impressing girls, collecting items, building up your hometown and building up your house.

Fun Factor--This game kept me entertained for about 2 months because of all the stuff you can do. The best and most time consuming part is getting the girls--you have to figure that out for yourself. There are many other side quests you can take part in that make this game great.

Overall Satisfaction--This game should appeal to all RPG fans and maybe even some that aren't. This game was a perfect buy for me and is definitely worth a rental. Rent Azure Dreams, and if you like it, go and buy it.

Highs: All the side quests that you can take part in
Lows: Some parts are challenging and time consuming
Score: 9

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