Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4

If the enemies don't kill you, the music will.

Developer: Koei Publisher:Koei Genre:War Strategy Players: 1-8 Memory Blocks: 4 Discs: 1 Analog: No. Dual Shock: No. ESRB: Everyone Difficulty: Intermediate

Gameplay--This is a great game that I think many will probably pass up. You do it all as a Ruler in this game. You can draft soldiers from a city, declare war on an enemy, spy in another city, set enemies weapon and grain facilities on fire, and a whole lot more. For example, Drafting gets you more soldiers, but it drops your peoples loyalty, too. Eight players can play simultaneously, making for good wars where all eight can get involved at once, sending reinforcements and commanding them. The goal is to conquer (ancient) China, and there are 6 scenarios, each with different Rulers.

Graphics--During a battle, the graphics aren't that great. After you win a battle, a video shows your army lined in the streets celebrating the victory, and if you lose, it shows a blood-stained battlefield. The battle graphics show the same icon for both armies, but are outlined in different color depending on if you're attacking or defending.

Sound--The music is okay for about 3 hours, but after that, it gets repetitive. It changes for battles and when certain events happen, like epidemics for example. If you play long enough, you'll either have to turn the volume down or slam your face into the T.V. from the music.

Storyline--China breaks into a war, and everyone is trying to take over the whole continent. As a ruler, it's your job to build up your armies and cities to be the first to take over China.

Fun Factor--If you can get by the somewhat annoying music, this game is great. For one thing, it's a great feeling when you make a ruler surrender before you in battle (even if it is pretty rare). If you can get big enough where people from near and far want to join your army, then it's fun because you get more soldiers and can win more wars.

Overall Satisfaction--This is a great game once you get past the bad music and the hard first battles (when you have no soldiers). The graphics aren't great, but it's very fun, and I recommend it to strategy fans out there.

Highs: All the tactics you can use to beat your opponent.
Lows: The repetitive music.
Score: 8

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