Wario Land 3

Nintendo answers the question: "Size doesn't matter!"

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Black & White: No
ESRB: Everyone
Difficulty: Easy

With Wario being practically the mascot of Game Boy, you've got to expect some good games with him. I got it loving Wario Land 2, and with the Game Boy's ever-so-expanding features, I knew I was in for something good.

Gameplay-- When I first turned the game on, I was perplexed. Where were all Wario's signature moves? The butt stomping, the charging through walls, and even the swimming! Fortunately, one of the objectives of the game is to learn those abilities. Also, there is a world map like in previous Mario games, so you can choose where you want to go.
There is a quarter as many levels as the 100 levels in Wario Land 2, but they are much, much bigger, and you have to go through each one four times. Every time you jump, stomp, and barge through a level, you need to look for a key and unlock a treasure. That treasure reveals or changes different levels, hinting at where you need to go next.
The boss of the game is rather easy, and only one of the objectives to beat the game. To really beat the game, like in other Wario games, you must find all four treasures in all 25 levels and then beat the boss. Also, to reveal some hidden rooms in some levels, you have to play a golfing mini game.
The game plays like any side scroller, only that there are no lives, and no game overs. Well, the only way you can get a "game over" is by losing to the final boss, but that's just for show. There are bosses in almost every level, but you don't necessarily beat the level once you beat the bosses; especially because you have to revisit that level 3 times. If you are touched by certain objects, you turn into different Wario types, which can help you through the level. For example, if you catch on fire, you can burn through some walls. If you eat a donut which is thrown at you, you become fat and can smash through blocks. If you're touched by a swarm of bats, you turn into a vampire, and you can fly.
Wario Land 3 is much easier than Wario Land 1 and 2, and it's a bit shorter. There's no REALLY HARD final stage like in Wario Land 2. Also, the golf mini game gets a bit repetitive after having to play it over 25 times.
The system of the game has two cool features. You can choose to play in Japanese or English, and saving/loading the game takes almost no time to do.

Graphics-- The graphics and animation are great. They use all 56 colors of the Game Boy well, and the sprite animation is better than in Wario Land 3. Wario, and some enemies, look the same as in Wario Land 2, though, but Wario's got some new animations, such as smoother-looking charging and dust kicked up from his shoes. The overworld looks beautiful, and every level has a different background/chipset.

Music-- Like in Wario Land 2, Wario Land 3 has a main theme, which comes in many variations in every level. The music's not as catchy as in previous games, though, but it still sounds cartoony and, well, fitting.

Storyline-- The plot makes a good reason why Wario would go and look for more treasure. For this type of games, it's exceptional.
Wario is flying around on his biplane one day, it crashes and he lands in a cave. In the cave is a music box. He examines it, and is sucked into it. A dark figure approaches him, and tells him an evil force sealed him up in darkness, and he needs Wario to bring him 5 music boxes to set him free and regain control of the land again. When Wario is reluctant to do so, the figure says that Wario can keep all the treasure he has found.

Control-- The control is not at all confusing, since a menu explains what keys have to be pressed for Wario to perform his many commands.

Fun Factor-- I had myself some fun playing this game. Sometimes it's a bit difficult to know what you have to do next in a level, but that's the challenge of the whole thing.

Overall Satisfaction-- The best game I've played so far on the Game Boy. It's funny, creative, good-looking, and... EPIC. Also, relating to the cute little remark under the title of this review, the game cart is see through, and it's a cool shape! So if everything else doesn't attract your attention, that should!

Highs: Great graphics, English/Japanese, a plot
Lows: Dumb mini game, a bit short
Score: 9

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