This game brings me back to Kindergarten.

Developer: Ubi Soft Publisher: Gú Inc./GAJIN Genre: Puzzle Players: 1-2 Color Game Boy: Yes ESRB: Everyone Difficulty: Hard

Hexcite is puzzle games gone bad. The object of the game is to fill up more hexagons before the computer does (which is impossible). Along with excruciatingly repetitive music, no graphics, and no variation between levels, Hexcite is a dud.

Gameplay--You're given all these colored shapes, and you have to fit 'em in a honeycomb-shaped blob made of hexagons. Whenever you fill up a hexagon, you get extra points. You gotta get more points than the computer. One word: exciting. Actually, make that two words: exciting, NOT!

Graphics--There are barley any graphics in the game. Unless you call little colored shapes "graphics". Oh yeah, when you fill a hexagon, it twirls around, 'n stuff. Oh yeah, there's a really exciting action scene of little numbers zooming out of the shapes and into your total score.

Music--The music is okay... for a second or two. Then it keeps repeating, repeating, and, uh, repeating. You can change it for different tunes, but they're even more boring than the default one. There are no sound effects that I know of.

Control--The controls are the highlight of the game. You press A for yes. B for no. Period.

Fun Factor--After playing this game for a while, I went back to watching paint dry. It's no fun at all. Or to put it another way: Ooh, I put a block in a hexagon! Whoopee! I'm having the time of my life!

Overall Satisfaction--Hexcite is a game that boggles the mind in many different ways... most of those ways are the bad ones. Get Tetris or something instead. I think they made this game to test out the Link Cable option.

Highs: The controls are really simple.
Lows: Everything else.
Score: 2

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