Ring Rage

Ring Rage

More frusterating than road rage!

Developer: Natsume Publisher: Natsume Genre: Wrestling/Karate/Kickboxing Players: 1 System: Gameboy ESRB: E Difficulty: Hard

Gameplay--Ring Rage is a wrestling game with around 10 moves spread throughout 5 characters. This game just pisses me off since it's almost impossible to beat. I've done it once, but I don't even remember what you get for it. I still have nightmares about this horrible game...

Graphics--They're sorry even for a Gameboy game. There are only 2 characters who are distinctive from the others. The "cage" that you fight in is just a bunch of crossed lines that don't even look like a cage in the least.

Music--The same theme that played through every match that almost had me throwing my Gameboy into a brick wall, then using my dad's sledgehammer on it. Always playing the same damn theme every match... YOU PIECE OF... Sorry. I got caught up in the moment.

Fun Factor--If these matches were in real life, the crowd would be chanting "Booooring" for a couple minutes, then would start a riot to see some action. Riot...yes...riot...that would be fun...Sorry, I did it again. This game might be useful if you suffer from insomnia.

Overall Satisfaction--It's the biggest waste of 10 bucks I can think of.

Highs: You're kidding, right? Okay the package that suckered me into thinking this was a good game.
Lows: Every chip held in the cartridge.
Score: 1, and it pains me to rate it that high.

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