Mix 'N Match Results

Mix 'N Match Results!

Well, it was our first contest, but I was amazed even to get two entries! In Mix 'N Match, you had to write a review of a non-existant game made from combining two existing games (here's a sample by JeffreyATW)! Now, I had to consult Ragnarok and JeffreyATW to judge this one, and after a close call, it was Arkrist Merkava who won!

Chop-Chop Master Onion sez: Ha, Merkava. Look what you are holding in your hand... a prize!
WINNER: Final Fantasy Alpha IX: Fall of the Sinistrals II: Tellah's Revenge reviewed by Arkrist Merkava
Natsume, Square, and Capcom combine forces to create the biggest, baddest Final Fantasy game yet. Needless to say, they don't do too well. With awful music, graphics, and all of that good stuff, it's no wonder why Arkrist gave this game the score that he did.

RUNNER UP: Phinal Phantasy Star 48 reviewed by Cap'n CAM
In another addition to the Final Fantasy series, PPS48 features a bunch of RockeT CanyoN references and neat gameplay features rolled into one of the biggest games of the year.

UNFORTUNATE ENTRY THAT DIDN'T MAKE IT: Poke-a-mon reviewed by Ragnarok
In a first-person-ish poke-fest, Poke-a-mon stars a Jamaican who has a sick obsession with poking people! Unfortunately, it wasn't exactly a mix and match, so it didn't win.

Well, this was really a lot of fun--if only more people would ENTER next contest, it would be even better! Thanks to Ark CAM, and Rag for entering! They each recieved some cool prizes (well, Rag got one...).

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