WWF Attitude

WWF Attitude

"I love you, Player 1!"

Developer: Acclaim Sports Publisher: Acclaim Sports Genre: Wrestling Players: 1-4 Memory Blocks: Varies on what you're saving Discs: 1 Analog: No Dual Shock: No ESRB: Teen Difficulty: Adjustable

I read everything written about this game, and had high hopes for it. It didn't disappoint.

Gameplay--Excellent. This game sports more options and modes than the real thing (almost). Ever wanted to see a 4-way, Hardcore, I Quit match or a Hardcore Tag Team Gauntlet match? Now you can. The Create a Wrestler mode has been improved since Warzone. For example, you can add text on your wrestler's clothes, and there are even more clothes to choose from. Want to see Kane wear Black and Green instead of Black and Red? Create a look alike. I've done it.

Graphics--The graphics are kick-spoony, and the wrestlers look almost exactly like their real life counter-parts. They also look like they are more skin and bone than computer generated pixels. One let down, though, is the crowd. The crowd is made of squares so big you can count them if you look.(tell this to your friend that's playing with you and take advantage of the distraction.)

Music--The music sounds just like it would thumping from the speakers at your local arena. I turn up the Godfather's music and it makes me want to walk around sideways like he does. Crank up the Road Doggy Dogg's and hear his "Ladies and Gentlemen" speech.Or my personal favorite, Mankind's new theme is in the game--I love that music.

Control--The controls are awesome. They took out the press-two-simultaneous-buttons-for-the-finishing-moves problem 'cause sometimes when you press two buttons nothing happens. The button combos make it easier to link moves into an impressive "I beat you with out you even moving a step" combo thingy.

Fun Factor--The fun that can be had while playing this game is immeasurable. If you like creating things, you can spend months in the Create a Wrestler mode and still love it. If you like fighting, just pick your favorite wrestler and kick some spoony.

Overall Satisfaction--This game did not disappoint me very much. If they had put another day into making the crowd it would look a little better. They also should have added Hardcore Holly--he's funny to watch and I would have loved to make a bunch of Super-Heavyweights to beat him. That would have been fun.

Highs: The whole package was great. Even the cover art was cool.
Lows: The crappy crowd appearance and the lack of the "Big Shot"
Score: 10

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