Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

If you like little babyish designs and happy bad guys, you'll like this game. If you don't, you'll like this game.

Developer: Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo Genre: Action/Adventure Players: 1 ESRB: Everyone Difficulty: Easy

First off, I gotta say that this game's graphics rock. More on that later. This game... hmm... how do I start this? This game is great. Yeah. Uh... just read on, I gotta split this into sections...

Gameplay-- You play as Yoshi, carrying baby Mario on your back. Kinda the opposite of the first game, huh? You've got many offenses: You can jump on the enemy, you can throw eggs and them, you can stomp on them, and you can stick out your tongue at them and pull them into your mouth. The levels are really fun, with diverse bad guys, lots of secret bonuses, and amusing obstacles.

Graphics-- The definite feature of this game. The background graphics are done in a crayon-like style, and the enemies are drawn like little chibi-kawaii-babyish things, but they're all done in such a way that makes my eyes bulge. One thing I REALLY like is the way objects rotate. Super Nintendo's kind of an old system, but this game has things expanding, rolling, twisting, et cetera. I really like the graphics.

Music-- The music's not that memorable, but it's fine...

Control-- The controls take a while to get used to. One button jumps, one button shoots eggs that follow you around, an two buttons lick. They're still kinda hard to use, but they're worth it.

Fun Factor-- This game's fun. There are a lot of fun things to do, and the levels keep introducing new surprises.

Storyline-- A bunch of Yoshis have found baby Mario. He was dropped from the stork. Baby Mario somehow makes it clear to the Yoshis that his brother was captured by, hmm, I forgot his name. That witch guy with the glasses. So, Yoshi has to get to that guy's castle, and defeat him.

Overall Satisfaction-- I played this game by downloading the emulation of it, but I played it to the end, and that's a very good sign. I think that this game is, so far, the best in the Mario series.

Highs: Kick-spum graphics.
Lows: Cutesy-wootsey characters, and music isn't that memorable.
Score: 10

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