Syphon Filter

Syphon Filter

Death From Above!

Developer: 989 Studios Publisher: 989 Studios Genre: Action Players: 1 Memory Blocks: 1 Discs: 1 Analog: Yes Dual Shock: Yes ESRB: Mature Difficulty: Intermediate

My friend hyped this game to the point I considered stealing it....Not really but I did rent it. Lets just say my friend was right.

Gameplay--This game definately kicks that shiznit Dogg E Style (To quote my favorite wrestler). Gabe Logan is the main character and is a spy for the U.S.Government. He must find and eliminate Rhoemer, who you track through the entire game. This game is also the first I remember where the computer fights itself. The Pharcom Warehouses 2 sides fight each other and you can kick back and watch. This is a good level where I use my Death From Above technique. Sit on a high ledge, grab a Sniper Rifle, and pick your way through the mess of bodies hell bent on kicking your spoony!

Graphics--Great graphics! You shoot someone, and blood stains their clothes. Look hard enough and you can see facial features. SP has great 3D interactive backrounds, too.You can climb along a ledge, shoot out a window, use stacked boxes for cover and more.

Music--The music is pretty catchy, but all the gunfire draws your attention away from the music. That takes me back to my time in Nam. Wait I wasn't in Nam. Sorry, either I get caught up in the moments or I play too damn many games. Probably I play too many games but who cares?

Control--Precise to the max, maybe a little too much. Sometimes you turn too far, but if someone is shooting at you, just take cover, wait a minute, and try again.

Fun Factor--This game is extremely fun. It's even more fun when you get to the Warehouses stage when sometimes a side has your back for a few seconds, then either blows you away, or misses, as you run through everyone guns a-blazin'. I only rented this game but I played all five days I had it and that is RARE with me.

Overall Satisfaction--A GREAT game. Worth a rent or two, and If I wasn't waiting for another game I would buy this game in a heartbeat!

Highs: The weapons were cool, but the highlight of this game is the Pharcom Warehouses Stage.
Lows: The Last Boss, Rhoemer--he was too easy to kill (If you know what to do. HAHAHAHA!).
Score: 10

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