This page was made for reader contribution, and features phrases that can be added onto by contributions of words from YOU! And me as well. Want to add on to any of these phrases? Just mail me the added words!

The Insult contributers: Serpent231, JeffreyAtW, a science book, a dictionary, and Antone Jain

The Wrestling Finisher contributers: Dustin Reid and Serpent231
The People's Flying Reverse Double Ace Chin Underhook Kamikaze Arabian Triple Twisted Tiger Sky-High Corkscrew Gut-Wrench Stone Cold Irish Swan Inverted Cross-Armed Bionic Mandible Frog Death Valley Cross-Face Triple Threat High Angle Northern Lights Tornado Front Side Russian Blockbuster Power Belly-to-Belly-to-Back 450 Top Rope Sweet Spinning Shooting Tomikaze Star Stevie Dust Chin Heel Torture Tope Con Hilo Suicida Money Pescado Suite Music Hiptoss Legsweep Bronco Facebuster Clothesline Dominator Backdrop Tombstone DDT Catapult Crusher Claw Chicken Wing Elbow Splash Rack Nutcracker Stunner Jump Shot Falcon Enziguri Pancake Arrow Death Drop Press Rush Plancha Superscooplexin' Choke Ranacanfrankenhurrasteinerbomb

Don't Go There!
Unfortunately for us, this hideous "production" has digustingly (yet proudly -- this I can't understand) been tragically composed by the one and only bungling, nameless, weird, NOT E-rated, and extremely infamous disgusting "friend", whose obsessive-compulsive, perverted behavior causes him to feel it absolutely, no, scratch that, COMPLETELY necessary to make these odd, expulsion-worthy, revolting, yet squishy and quasi-amusing sound effects from Hell every single friggin' day of the week at school in a lame attempt to be mildly (but unsuccessfully) funny. Oh, and don't forget the other contributor, Angel_of_Death_1, either. Hey, and whaddya know? Serpent231, JeffreyAtW, Omid Shamsapour and Justin McNeil have contributed for some reason, too! Isn't that a hole in one? Whoa! Not only that, but Ragnarok helped as well! You have been warned.
*cue electric poodles dancing to Sounds From Hell*

"Shall we dance, Guoronga?"
"Off course, off course! But YOU GUYS can sit in the back."
"That's not how you make a salami sandwich, kid. Let me show you."
"Hééé, ne poussez pas!"
"Make a wish!"
"Yo doodz! It's a slipnslide!"
"How do you get a royal flush?"
"Well, I buttonized it and dropped two shadows."
"I don't think he means Paint Shop Pro, guys..."
"Keep the change."
"The internet's no substitute, Wilkins."
"Cribbage? That doesn't rhyme with spinach!"
"Hey, we didn't invite the Johnsons!"
"Beat me up, Scotty!"
"Hey! That areas off limits to the likes of you!"
"Throw me a frickin' bone here!"
"It won't fit, cap'n!"
"Say hallo to my leetle friend!"
"Honey, that's not the flashlight!"

"Hey, put that back!"

"Hold still, Betsy."
"That goat doesn't belong to you, son!"
"Well, I sure can't say "no" to a cute, cuddly farm animal!"
"Hey, there, Mr. Winky! What the heck are you--"
"I will SMACK you with my tail!"
"Wow, nice Sharpie!"
"I got yer captain right here!"
"No captain, NOT LIKE THAT!
"Close, but no cigar!"
"Again with the Kumberbuzzle!"
"You and the Cap'n make it happen!"
"Cover me. I'm going in."
"Is that a bagel?!"
Ft ft ft ft ft ft
"Don't go there."
pt pt pt
pt pt pt
"Leggo my ego!"
"Oh, NO! I punctured your ego! It's everywhere!"
"Another one, quick, before you go!"
"Oh, you."
"Your squooshle is undulating again!"
"Dammit, Jim! Get that hamster outta there!"
"I've got 5 minutes to get it to his box!"
"Ah, spum. My phone ding-a-lings once more!"
"Are you sure that's what it said in the instruction manual?"
"Well... it IS in the early development stages."
pt pt pt
"Here's the jelly!"
"Whoaa...smells a peanut!"
"Ohh, look at that! Can I put it on?"
"It'th tho you, Pinky."

"My God, no! Not the rubber pants! God, the PANTS!"
"Just push the button, Frank."
"Remember the Alamo!"
0     0
 (   .)
"Mmmm!! I feel tho liquidy..."
"Good gravy!"


"How'd that get in there?"
"Steve stuck it in!"
"Ya want fries with that?"
"Hey, not in my new BMW!"
"My orange! It's squirting everywhere"
"Where's the cream filling?"
"I'm lishening to my Schwackle. Do you wanna hear it?"
"It's not as good when its manufactured, honey."
"That ain't a tuna head, Bill."
"Whoa, dood! Who put Gramma in the onion dip?"
"Thad'sh some gooood oatmeal.."
"Holy golden crinkles, Batman! I've never seen that color before..."
"Oh, my God! It's fallen and it won't go up!"
"Holy monkeys, Batman! Give that man a cigar!" 
"Dat vas a vet one, Babushka!"
"It's a hole in one, Reggie!"
"Buckets of fun, Alice!"
"Not again! That's the third time this week!"
"Well, I've never seen Cheez Wiz do THAT before."
"Don't throw the beans on the floor!"
"Pool out! Pool out! Eets all ova!"
"No chunky chicken soup for you!"
"Don't handle the merchandise if you're not going to buy it!"
"That was nuts, Ernie!"
"Give him a dollar, Bill."
"I'm still scarred after '9 1/2 Chipmunks'."
"Merci beaucoup, cochon adorable!"
"It was scary and it was sickening, but, it looked cool."
"Fork you, you spoony bard! That wasn't knife!"
"What the spum are you two doing?!"
"Mmmm, nothing -_-"
"I got 800 rounds for 20 bucks!"
"Was this the work of God...or of the devil?"
"Juthd hold on a thecond...I'll go fetcth you a towel..."
"Should we really go there?"
"C ya! :P"

"Ha, ha. Well now?"

The Sequel contributers: JeffreyAtW, Serpent231, and stolen from various other places
Ready 2 Rumble With Jojo's Firepro Cardinal Guilty Marvel Super WCW Heroes vs. SNK Capcom's Ultimate Super Big Bloody Neo Killer Mega Breath of Clayboomfighterbots Fire Venture Power Pocket nWo Tekken Darkstalkers Ultra Street Fighter Ergheiz Blade Force Calibur Kids Bushido Stone Kombat Turbo Hyper Fighting Mayhem Championship Arena Sin Edition EX Plus Alpha Gear Gold Vendetta 2nd Edition Revenge megamix: 3rd Strike Tag Tournament Edition 63 1/3: Night Warriors' Code Veronica Dreams DX Premium G 2000 ...with DUAL SHOCK SUPPORT!

The Rasslin' Catchphrase contributers: Serpent231, Justin McNeil, JeffreyAtW
Oh, helllllllllo, ladies and gentlemen! Are you boys and girls, children of all ages ready for The Smackdown Hotel Grind? You d-d-d-d-d-didn't know? Your spum had better recognize and call somebodyyy! Ooooohh yeeeaaaaahhh, MamaCITA! LATINO HEEEAT! Quoth the Raven 4 Liiiiiife...Dig it...doggy style! And that's not just the greatest, that's not just the coolest, that's the best there is, the best there was, and the bottom line, 'cause every little day, to be the man, someone's gotta smell what the Rock is cookin'! Have a nice day, fruit booty slap nuts jabroni! 'Cause if you ain't down with the 24 inch pythons, I got two words for ya that you'll never, e-e-e-e-e-ever forget! Get it?

The New Band contributers: Joel Guzman, Serpent231, JeffreyAtW
On the Vertical Horizon, Our Lady Blink Kid Cyprus Jimmy's Chicken Snoop Eminem has Notorious Everlasting Rage Against the Slipknot System of a Reel Big Barenaked Gob, who Godsmacks Nine-Inch Death White Guano Peace KoRn Cake Bizkit Manson Moby Ape Zombie Shady Puff Rock 31182MXPX's Tool

The Ultimate Sword contributers:  JeffreyAtW, Serpent231
Red Gold Steel Wooden Dancing Iron Mythril Mithril Bronze Organics Katana Illumina Ragnarok Buster Scimitar Murabakatempuratenchietchichusupaahaadomasasamemegamimune

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