Aeris (sic)

Aeris (sic)

"A Song About the Effect of Gameshark Cheat Codes"

by Aerith and the 1/35 Soldiers

(Parody of Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls)

And I lived just forever to heal you
Cause I thought you would do that too, but
The place that you were at is 7th heaven I feel that
You liked her, not me...spum Tifa.

And oh, I could taste blood in my mouth
And oh, I couldn't breathe at all
And after the FMV ended
You and Yuffie were in a big brawl

And I just want the Planet to see me
Good ol' Gameshark revived me, and
When Ancients are made to be back-stabbed
I just want you to know that I stand

And you can't fight the tears--none are coming
You can see me there at your side
But I'm not with the plot any more
Yeah it stinks, I'm just barely alive

And I just want The Planet to see me
But it looks like they don't understand
That I just have effect on the battles
I just plead you to know where I am

(Lengthy instrumental)

I just want somebody to see me
Cause I still don't think they understand
When my ghost fights in the battles
Nobody will know where I am

Nobody will know where I stand
Nobody will care how I am
Nobody will know where I am

Nobody will care who I am

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