Malak the Useless Character

Malak the Useless Character
by Argias Oaks
Parody of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer

Malak the useless character (character)
Could never ever cast a spell
He would always get a lecture (lecture)
And be told to go to hell

All of the other knights (knights)
Thought that he was a terd
They hated when they had to fight (fight)
Cause Malak wasn't a real wizard

Then one night in Zeltennia
Queen Ovelia came to say (to say)
"Malak, please won't you stay?
Like Daravon says ' This is the way!!!"

Then all the mages were happy (happy)
And Ramza shouted out with glee
"Malak, the useless character (character)
You really are useful to me!!!"

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