Rant: Rants

I think that rants are unnecessary. Why are people taking time to sit on their asses and write about crap? Shouldn't they stop whining and go do something about it?

For example, I read a rant about how the government is wrong about stuff. If the person's so insecure about the government, why doesn't he do something about it? Become a politician! Move! Write letters to other politicians! Bomb a city hall! Do SOMETHING!

Another example. Racism. People complain and complain, while most of the people that ARE racist can't read worth crap and don't listen to what people say. What do people accomplish by talking to a practical wall? Instead of blabbing away, why don't these people take action? Yell and do stuff to people who make racist remarks!

Other examples:
Internet illiterates: Leave 'em alone. They'll learn sooner or later.
Religion: Kick Jesus fanatics' asses, but only if they come for you. Doent' believ in gOd? Hooray for you.
Criticism: Whining won't change a thing unless you change critics' minds, which is pretty difficult to do. I say, screw 'em all.
Kawaii anime cat-rabbits: Hey! I LIKE kawaii anime cat-rabbits!

Who in this big, big world is going to turn 6 billion peoples' heads and make them think what they think? Not ME! Rants are STUPID! Don't listen to them!

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