About Skyler


My name is Skyler Yokotani. I'm not really originally from anywhere, 'cause I was born in a group of travelers. They ditched me after they found that I had magic powers. Heck, lotsa people have magic powers! I guess they just don't like magic. Well, anyways, after I was just kicked out of my own family, I found myself in the town of Medina. All the people that lived there were just imps and other weird creatures, but one kind man (whose name I now forgot) taught me the tricks of the trade, y'know, just how to survive. He also game me a pretty cool sword. Well, ever since he kicked me out of his house for accidentally lighting his studies on fire with my magic for the 27th time, I've been traveling the world, meeting new people, and the like. Here're some people I know:

  • Lady Hope/Marrah (didn't make really good friends, she wouldn't talk to me)
  • The Midgar Zolom (also known as Terrato, he's one funny dude!)
  • Ragnarok (Yes, I am friends with an Esper. Praise me.)
  • Godo (That idiot from Wutai gave me the name of Shin-ichi... I quickly changed it)
  • Kefka (Gotta love his laugh! Uwee hee hee hee!)

Here's a listing of all the Windorian-related pictures I've drawn:

Skyler Skyler's old form (this is a VERY old drawing)
Skyler's new form
High-quality drawing of Skyler's new form
Ragnarok/ Excalibur/ Illumina Excalibur
Other Windorians Skan versus Skyler
Windorian Friends

A couple other things about me: Some people call me a "Crono-look-alike". Now, I've never met anyone in my life with a name as stupid as Crono. If I ever do see him, I'll say that he's been copying me... Oh yes. I also love hot dogs, but they make me thirsty. Don't ask why... Another thing, I've decided to settle down in the peaceful town of Windor. The people are really, um... diverse, yet really friendly.
That's all for now!
C ya! :P