We asked some of our faithful visitors to make the worst sounding MIDI ever created, and boy, did we regret it. What came in were vile, putrid works, some sounding worse than a couple scratches on the chalkboard. Congrats, you guys. Here was an example by Steve Caires and JeffreyAtW.


First Prize: Nothing. It's so bad you deserve nothing.
Second Prize: A big ol' smiley face and a link to the Dr. Drew boogie.
Third Prize: A not-as-big smiley face and a link to the Dr. Drew boogie.
Everyone else gets a link to the Dr. Drew boogie.

WINNER: SCARY (He didn't want to show his name.)
Congratulations, Unnamed Man! You win! The terrible piano arpeggios, the pulsating chords and the annoying horn makes you a winner! Here's your prize: nothing!

SECOND PLACE: Polka Of Idiots by E. Novak
Hoo boy... the dissonance could kill someone from miles away, along with the annoying polka beat... you're our real winner, you get a happy face.

THIRD PLACE: FlatLine by Rick Rodman
Ouch! This one will leave a terrible ring in your head for days. Just one long bagpipe chord, with new notes keying in at any time...

FOURTH PLACE: Untitled by Justin McNeil
Using everybody's favorite instrument, the bagpipe, this sounds like somebody sprinkled catnip on a keyboard and dropped 231 cats on it.

FOURTH PLACE: Untitled by Kristin McNeil, Justin's sister
Sounds like morse code gone bad. A little on the short side...

LAST PLACE: Theme to Crusaders of Centy by Ragnarosen
Sorry, Rag, the only reason we gave you last place is because it's not all that bad! What's more, you didn't compose it! Congrats, you get a prize anyway...

DISQUALIFIED: Tutarhamon "by" Slava Girshman
Not only do you have a TERRIBLE FAKE RUSSIAN ACCENT, but you didn't even COMPOSE this MIDI! If you actually DID, it would have gotten first place, but no... you had to steal...

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