Below is a list of the previous MIDIs of the Days. Hope they make for good downloading!

That Jazzy Overworld Music Breath of Fire 3

Ryu Theme Street Fighter Alpha 2

Your Woman White Town

Theme from Killer Instinct Well, Killer Instinct

"Techrap" anonymous composer

Battle Music Final Fantasy 8

"Mappe" Another Anonymous Composer

An Orc Theme Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness

Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana

Port Town F-Zero

Boss Music Final Fantasy 6

Dark King Battle Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

Credits Theme Mystery Science Theater 3000

The Evilest Song in America YOU Guess Which Band

Some Anime Theme A guy who drinks way too much Jolt Cola

Battle Music Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

Kefka Theme Final Fantasy 6

Overworld Music Secret of Mana

Funky Terra Theme Final Fantasy 6

Main Theme Mission: Impossible

Baby One More Time Jeffrey F--I mean, Britney Spears

Chocobo Theme Final Fantasy 6

The HUGE Ending Theme Final Fantasy 6

Why Don't You Get A Job The Offspring, sequenced by JeffreyATW

KICK-SPOONY Anime Opening Theme Wild Arms

Entrance Music Undertaker from the WWF (it was bound to happen)

Pokémon Opening Battle Theme sequenced by JeffreyAtW (his best MIDI yet!)

Atma Weapon battle music FF6

Spiffed-up Battle Theme FF7

Sounds from HELL Steve Caires

Stage Music Guile from Street Fighter 2

Lily's First Song Lily Faden, JeffreyAtW's sister

Pokémon Theme Song sequenced by JeffreyAtW (again!)

AIW Theme JeffreyAtW (Not again! That's the first time this week!)

Blue and Green Cute Animal Characters (and Serpent231)

Millennium Robbie Williams, sequenced by JeffreyATW

Lollipop Aqua

Human Theme Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness

Zeal Theme Chrono Trigger

Lavos Boss Music Chrono Trigger

No Scrubs TLC, sequenced by JeffreyAtW

Entrance Music Owen Hart of the WWF (Rest in Peace, Owen)

Sounds from HELL remix JeffreyAtW

Highwind Theme FF7

Livin' La Vida Loca Ricky Martin, sequenced by JeffreyATW

Frog Theme Chrono Trigger

Zoot Suit Riot Cherry Poppin' Daddies

Japanese Pokémon Theme Song Uh, Japanese version of Pokémon

Bitter Sweet Symphony The Verve

Main Theme Mordor, a little known computer AD&D RPG

The Ballad of the Wind Fish The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, sequenced and jazzed up by JeffreyAtW

Yet ANOTHER Remix of Sounds from HELL JeffreyAtW

Aerith Theme FF7

Heroic Theme Which I Don't Recognize Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals

All Star
Smash Mouth, sequenced by JeffreyAtW

600 AD Overworld Music Chrono Trigger

The 1000 Hit Midgar Swamp Jingle JeffreyAtW (YES!!!)

Beautiful Ending Theme Chrono Trigger

Cry in Sorrow Final Fantasy IV (II US)

Crazy Motorcycle Chase FF7

The Trial Chrono Trigger

Girls Beastie Boys, sequenced by JeffreyAtW

Messed Up Wario Theme Song Remix JeffreyATW

Goldust Entrance Music The WWF

Kyle's Mom is a Stupid B!%@# Eric Cartman, sequenced by JeffreyAtW

Sleek Spum's Wrestling Theme (nO itS NoT undrTAkrS tHeHMew!) JeffreyATW

Hedgehog JeffreyATW and Lily Faden

Falcon Theme FF6

Final Fantasy Megamix All the Final Fantasy Games!

Intro Theme Final Fantasy 5

Yama Theme Chrono Trigger

Intro Theme and First Battle Final Fantasy 7

"Ituka" Anonymous Composer (?)

Piano Version of the Dark King Theme From that Joke of a Final Fantasy Game Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

Final Fantasy 7 "Adult" Mix Randy East

Lena on the Beach Chrono Cross

(shudders) Yuffie's Theme FF7

The 2000 Hit Midgar Swamp Jingle JeffreyAtW (YES!!!)

Kefka Theme (Piano version) FF6

Tower of Babil FF4

Magus Theme Chrono Trigger

Untitled Theme from an Untitled Game JeffreyAtW

Piano Version of the Ocean Palace Theme Chrono Trigger

Sounds From Hell 2.0: THE DARKENING Steve Caires

Harvey the Wonder Hamster Weird Al Yankovic

One Winged Angel Nobuo Uematsu, Final Fantasy 7

The 3000 Hit Midgar Swamp Jingle JeffreyAtW (YES!!!)

Opening Theme From "Ah, My Goddess!" JeffreyAtW

Lizard Grotto Chrono Cross

Sweegy Woods Battle Theme from Final Fantasy Tactics Final Fantasy Tactics

Lavos's Battle, Final Stage Chrono Trigger

Audio Virus Composed by Tyvek Liinhaal

Battle with Gilgamesh FF5

Only a Plank Between One and Perdition FF8

Millennial Fair Theme Chrono Trigger

Attack on Dollet FF8, sequenced by JeffreyAtW!

My Village is Number One Xenogears

The Awesomest Theme Ever from the Awesomest Commercial Ever The Chu Chu Rocket Commercial, sequenced by JeffreyAtW

Back at One Brian McKnight, sequenced by JeffreyAtW

The Bum Bum Song Tom Green, sequenced by JeffreyAtW

Decisive Battle Theme Breath of Fire 2

SCARY the unnamed winner of the WORST MIDI POSSIBLE (tm) Contest

Meridian Child Seiken Densetsu 3

The Man With The Machine Gun FF8

Pardon Me Incubus, sequenced by JeffreyAtW

Love Xenogears

Slave to the Face Ragnarosen and Fritz Fraundorf

Chain of Ocean and Fire Xenogears

Serpent Trench FF6

Mine Stage Donkey Kong Country 2

Sugar System of a Down, sequenced (at last) by JeffreyAtW

The Real Slim Shady Eminem, sequenced by JeffreyAtW

Children Robert Miles

Phantom Forest FF6 (Try this with Quicktime 4!)

Setzer FF6

Sephiroth FF7

Final Boss Buildup FF6

Introduction Bomberman 64

Doomsday Zone Sonic & Knuckles

That Happy Battle Preparation Music Final Fantasy Tactics

Chrono Trigger Party Mix Hobo Jack

Port Town Remix F-Zero

Can You Fly, Sister? Seiken Densetsu 3

Battle Theme FF9, sequenced by JeffreyAtW!

Alexandria FF9, sequenced by JeffreyAtW!

Island of Oblivion JeffreyAtW

Birabuto Super Mario Land

Happy Birthday Traditional

Pumping on Your Stereo Supergrass, sequenced by Ragnarosen

Melodies of Life FF9, sequenced by JeffreyAtW

Happy Town Theme Secret of Mana

The Airship, Hildagaldy FF9, sequenced by JeffreyAtW

FF9 Battle Theme NES Remix JeffreyAtW

Omni Dragon Battle Chrono Cross, sequenced by JeffreyAtW

Orphanage of Flame Chrono Cross, sequenced by JeffreyAtW

Saganigma Battle Remix by JeffreyAtW, original by Ragnarosen

Kids Run Through the City Corner, Piano Version FF6, sequenced by JeffreyAtW

The Engineer's Guild JeffreyAtW

Inside the Mountain JeffreyAtW

Epyon's Theme from Endless Duel

Theme of Captain Commando from Marvel vs. Capcom, sequenced by Serpent231 (!)

Battle Against Gigyas from EarthBound

655321 Lavender Hill Mob, sequenced by JeffreyAtW


Earthbound 64 Battle Theme EarthBound64 (Mother 3)

LeGend Rag from LeGend Unabridged 2, sequenced by Ragnarosen.

Pesu's Title Screen Incredible Crisis, sequenced by JeffreyAtW

Kick in the Ass by Moxy Fruvous

Suteki Da Ne FFX

Skyler's Overture JeffreyAtW, remixed and arranged by Ragnarosen

Discouraged Megumi Hayashibara

Hatten Är Din Azar Habib, sequenced by Ragnarosen

Remix of Boom Boom Dollar Dance Dance Revolution, sequenced by Kureha, remixed by Serpent231

Dancing Mad FF6, sequenced by SinclairC

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