Here's a gallery of Swamp-related artwork...No site is complete without pictures. Oh, by the way, most of the title and background images and design on The Midgar Swamp are created by JeffreyAtW, the rest of them were probably created by Ragnarok (especially all of the title headers), so thank them.

Viper Yeah, we know we got it from the Viper Car Security System company, but this is Serpent231's logo.

by JeffreyAtW
This is JeffreyAtW's logo.

Lady Marrah
drawn by Loren Leah, colored by JeffreyAtW
This is a picture of the knightress, enchantress, and online RPG hero, Lady Marrah, now known as Loren Leah.

by Ragnarok
This is a picture of the sword-shaped Esper, Ragnarok.

The PaRappa Anti-Smoking Poster
by Serpent231
Sure, it's for a school assignment, but Serpent231 was desperate for something new to put on the page. "Ya gotta believe" to understand!

Sephiroth's Advice for the Day
by JeffreyAtW
Everyone's favorite bad guy gives some vital information.

The Midgar Swamp Logo
by JeffreyAtW and Serpent231
Here's a collage of images related to this site. It's viewable on the front page.

Midgar Swamp Button #1
Midgar Swamp Button #2
Midgar Swamp Banner
Here are two cool buttons and one cool banner for our site. Do what you wish with them. The first button is animated, and made by JeffreyAtW. The second button is unanimated, and made by Ragnarok. The banner is animated, and made by JeffreyAtW.

SD Staff
by JeffreyAtW
Here's a really neat picture of the Midgar Swamp staff's alter-egos.

The Staff Catches a Chocobo
by JeffreyAtW
Another really neat picture of the Midgar staff (before Ragnarok), only in Final Fantasy 4 icon form.

by JeffreyAtW
Here's a picture of the cast of MCMSRPGIAQ! They actually represent real people in real life.

Serpent231's logos:

by JeffreyAtW
Here's Serpent231's snazzy little "231" logos.

Blue and Green Meat

Blue and Green Meat--With Color!

Almost as strange as Serpent231 Responds to an MST Request!, this comic is based on the dark alternative humor comic, Red Meat--where the jokes aren't supposed to be necessarily funny, but they stick in your head for some reason-- and features Loren Leah and Sleek Spum parodying one of the jokes in the actual comic. Don't understand it at all? Well, you might want to read some strips of the actual comic at first to see what kind of stuff we just parodied here.

Windorian Friends
by JeffreyAtW
JeffreyAtW's best work yet. Here is a group portrait of many different peoples' characters, all of which frequent Windor's message board.

Jim Rowdey FF Battle Sprite
by Ragnarosen
Here's a little animation of what Jim would look like in an SNES Final Fantasy battle!

Jeffrey Cretin FF Battle Sprite
by JeffreyAtW
Here's a little animation of what Jeffrey would look like in an SNES Final Fantasy battle! Kinda stolen from Ragnarosen's idea.

Yuffie's Hanukkah
by Ragnarosen
Ragnarosen gets festive with Yuffie's new shuriken!

Oynx in 3-D!!!
by JeffreyAtW
JeffreyAtW experiments with 3D Studio Max with this CG of Oynx!

Oynx and SD Jeffrey
by JeffreyAtW
A nifty little SD Jeffrey, wearing his trademark white jacket.

The Cast of MCMS RPG Battle Disstafer
by JeffreyAtW
This drawing shows a scene in part three of MCMSRPGIAQ.

Merry Christmas, Gilbert Muir!
by JeffreyAtW
Even though he's Jewish, JeffreyAtW gets festive by altering this picture.

Poe from Zelda 64

Gerudo, Z64

Princess Zelda, Z64

Princess Zelda, Z64, colored by JeffreyAtW

Link and Navi, Z64

Vincent Valentine, FF7

Squall Leonheart, FF8

Jeff Serge, Chrono Cross

Lynx, Chrono Cross

Kuja, FF9

Burmecian Flowerdancer, FF9
by Mikosi

Some great artwork of characters from miscellaneous video games all by Mikosi!

Serge and Kid

Vivi, Garnet, Eiko, and Zidane
by JeffreyAtW

JeffreyAtW likes to draw fan-art. Heehaheho.

BobCFed08 It's a self portrait! That's what I look like, I swear!

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