What's Old? (Update List #5)

This page can be summed up in three words... an update archive.

Thursday, April 19, 2001 -- *sigh* Times are tough.

Shut up. I've been busy. Yes... busy enough to miss April Fool's Day. I guess I'll make the lame excuse that the April Fool was that there was none.

  • I'm announcin' the opening of our new site: Thoughts from Hell ! James and I have been working on this site almost as long as the Swamp, and once you go there, you'll see why. If you don't understand some of it without reading the Frequently Mentioned Stuff and our bios, PLEASE tell us. Fortunately, we've already gotten praise like "ROFLOL!!!" and "Fuarharharhar. . ."
  • I got rid of the splash page. It was unnecessary, anyway.
  • We've finally almost got as many hits as Cosmo Canyon did when it closed down, and it only took us a bit more than twice as long! Yay! ...in other words, we've got over 20,000 hits. Thanks especially goes out to Serpent231, BobCFed08, Ragnarok, and JeffreyAtW! Wait...
  • Even though we promised never to apologize for not updating for a while, I guess I will anyway. It's laziness once again, which leads to lack of content. I personally don't really care for updating the Swamp, because it takes too long to recieve and make up content. That's why Thoughts From Hell is so much easier to take care of, because not only do we have a HELLUVA lot of content already made, but we're still writing them at a steady rate.

Saturday, March 25, 2001 -- pizza is like cake

My life has been a lot...dumber...nowadays. I'm more open to the slacker kids at school, I'm going to the arcade more often, and my grades have dropped a little. At least applying for a summer internship makes me feel a little smarter.

  • As you may have noticed (maybe you even listened to it!), I had a little part in the MIDI of the Day. Boom Boom Dollar , one of the most inspiring songs ever, got a little remix treatment by me. I had no part in the original MIDI sequencing, but I did some bootlegging arrangement, lengthening it, mixing a part of it, taking out the vocals at one point--really basic stuff. But I'm proud of the little rascal , seeing that it sounds pretty good. Now if only I could get Jeff's help in this second MIDI I'm actually sequencing...
  • I know nobody saw this coming: I had success in some more chat logs! Plus, I combined it all into one text file like Bob's, so I don't have to make a bunch of dumb links to the chats anymore .
  • Obligatory Life of Bob plug: If you haven't already, download the fully released demo. If you don't feel like it, then beware the Ides of Bob!
  • We got another IAQ based on real life... A School Boy's Life , by Mystic Gohan . Sadly, I've run out of "wacky" things to say about these.
  • Minami contributed to the Dictionary of RPG Cliches . If Fritz wasn't a " perverted little punk-ass piece of pond scum puked up from some rabid alley cat ", he might still have been proud.
  • In case you didn't know...we recently got a new Midgar Board, since InsideTheWeb shut down! Our new place Board is, thankfully, an EZ Board, and has some "keen" features added to it. We're begging you guys to post , since we're the only ones going here, anyway.
  • I'm trying to achieve Egasm by becoming the very best Marvel vs. Capcom 2 player in my area. So far, I think I'm about the 2nd or 3rd best in the school...which actually isn't saying much (kinda like saying "I've got the fastest 100 meter dash in the whole retirement home!"). To help this, I've stumbled upon the most intelligent (and angry) community of gamers in the world: The Street Fighter Community at Shoryuken.com. Check out this sample debate page on a thread of whether or not MvC2 is a "deep" game or not. I linked to SRK.com out of good taste.
  • PROTIP: Look out for the new site coming from the bored minds of AtW and 231, then take out the wild boar on the left and grab the key by the door.
  • Napster just won't die, will it? While it's still up, go download Our Lady Peace's "Life"--the current choice of music to be played at my funeral .
  • Say it with me, everyone! HUSS! HUSS! HUSS!
  • And finally: The Song Parody Contest is ON! I have NO IDEA of what this is, since it's Jeff's idea, but I thought I'd better announce it anyway. Just write a decent song parody and send it in, I guess. =)

Saturday, March 3, 2001 -- ::updato chiisai::

Hey hey. I've been taking a little break from the Swamp and chatting in... uh... the Swamp! We've opened up a new IRC chatroom at irc.slashnet.org, channel #mswamp. If you don't have an irc client, the most popular one can be found here: http://www.mirc.com

  • Mikosi has opened up an art gallery . Not fancy or anything, because it doesn't HAVE to be! That's a message to all those talentless anime artists with big, stylish designs: look at Mikosi's art page and witness that it doesn't have to be a fancy page to have GREAT content... or just look here hohe.
  • Our stoOpid Message Board service is closing down. One more great reason to visit the Midgar IRC Chat!!!
  • Another great reason to go: I partially ripped off an idea from YelseyKing and made a Random Cereal Name Generator. Go there and see for yo'self.
  • It seems I've unanimously won the STEAL JEFFREYAtW'S BIKE!!! contest. So we're starting an easier contest: make a song parody! We need more, anyway.
  • Speaking about song parodies, Ragnarosen sent us two. It's about what is probably the worst RPG ever, Secret of the Stars, called Worst Game Ever . He also made Unsailable Ocean , about Star Ocean 1.
  • I got a skateboard yesterday, and I have NO idea what to do with it. Maybe I'll use the sandpaper surface to make my computer monitor round.
  • We'd like to make a correction to Bob's previous update about inviting Callidus to the Swamp. We actually meant to say that

    CALLIDUS IS A MORON . Thank you, and we apologize for the prank.

    Serpent231 sez: Oh yeah, we added The Midgar Demon to the Links page.

Monday, February 19, 2001 -- Been a while, eh?

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated last. I could say something like "I've been busy" or "My grandpa's dog's vet died", but that would be a lie. I'm just lazy. Hehehe.

  • All of my AOL conversations have been put on one page, so it's easier for you all to look at. Plus, I've added a lot more. Go, now, and look!
  • As is usual with all of my updates, I've updated Life of Bob 2. Not too much, though, I've taken a break from it to work on Life of Bob: The Game (the actual RPG one!). I'm almost done, actually... I should have a demo out very soon.
  • Surprisingly, I've updated my staff info. Go look and be amazed and the wonders that is Bobby!
  • An actual update (unlike the top three, ZOING), I've added a picture to the art section. And *gasp* it's of my own work! It's really just the BobCFed08 clay model from the boxart, but go take a look anyway.
  • Everybody's favorite person, Callidus, shall be joining the Midgar Swamp very soon. Just as soon as he finishes doing a couple things. Like fetching my coffee and slippers. Muahahaha.
  • As you may have noticed, I've changed my update icon! No longer will I use the sunglasses and "CFed08" dealy. Instead of the have-your-name-on-a-picture logo that AtW and 231 use, I've taken Ragnarok's cooler approach. Ha, ha.
  • My other RPG, Faith Torn Asunder (remember the serious IAQ I had almost written a long time ago? That.) is having some work done to it, but a demo won't be available to the public in a loooong time. Ha, ha. I just said this to piss you off. Did it work?

Wednesday, February 7, 2001 -- I suck.

I'm an idiot, a moron, and a dumbass.
Now that I've called myself all that, no one else has to.
I'm a dick, too; so there.

  • Serpent231, Ragnarosen, The Raven and I are making an MST! After a year of MST silence, we've decided to go ahead and do our worst. A few problems, though... we're probably doing our worst, and it's an... *N Sync fic. SORRYSORRYSORRYSORRYSORRY
  • Mikosi sent in even more art! We've got so much from her, maybe we should put it on a page of her own...
  • Around a year ago, I got an idea for a program, and so my dad helped me and made this: the Phone Number to Letter Converter. I forgot about it for around a year now, and I finally decided to put it up. Try the last digits of my home phone number, 5333!
  • Ragnarosen, being the (as my Bio teacher would say) super-cool guy he is, mixed two of my compositions into one kick-ass MIDI. The songs he mixed were Inside the Mountain and Island of Oblivion.
  • Buy our shirts! C'mon! You can't pass up looking as cool as this!
  • Here it is, your moment of zen.

Sunday, January 28, 2001 -- Damaged Fats

Thanks to an idea from Lobstaboy and Callidus, we've opened up our own store! Buy our shirts, or we'll give you a kick in the ass!

  • So here's the store. Be the envy of all your friends by buying a Midgar Swamp mousepad! Or you can buy a lot of them and make a pretty good bullet-proof vest. With these products, you'll need one!
  • I made the first FFX MP3 and MIDI. Get the MP3 here, and the MIDI is the MIDI of the day.
  • My god, the Swamp's two years old! Well, we usually don't celebrate birthdays because 365 is a hard number to remember, but since Crunchbucket has sent us such a nice lil' present, I guess I can ship some wax to BobCFed08 and Ragnarok and tell them to start makin' a candle.
  • Uh... we haven't gotten the award from 'Bucky yet. It'll be up once we have.

Friday, January 27, 2001 -- "Final Justice!"

I'm sad to say that my glorious School Finals have come and gone again. They'll be sorely missed by Jefe and I. Almost as much as the days when BoB and Haruka were still trying to kick us off Tripod...or when I talked like a cliche-spewing, Juicy Juice drinking, Squaresoft fanboy in my older updates ( if you must... )...or when "HAHE" was still funny...*sighhh*...

Hold on to your ideas, kids, because they'll be obsolete and unfunny later on.

And with that uplifting imagery in your head, let's start the update with another one (shamelessly stolen, taken back, fought for in brief hand to hand combat, then smuggled away in an armored van from Seanbaby.com .) FILLER SPACE
  • Song plug for tehday: The funny and catchy "Kick in the Ass" by Moxy Fruvous. Ragnarosen said it best with "LOL!!!"
  • Oh, the pain. I just got my sister "BOP-IT EXTREME!" for her birthday (or "STOP IT." as I like to say), and the thing just won't leave me alone. I've tried piledriving it, but it only answers me with "PULL IT! *beeouup*".
  • Good to see that the Midgar Board is actually getting some posts. Even if most of them are just from IAQ Clubbers.

Tuesday, January 23, 2001 -- Wow.

I just noticed that we have lots of fans. I guess it's time to act like the guys at #Square and #fret and tell them to go do stuff to themselves, now that it's gone to our heads that we may actually be popular.

  • Let's start this update with a comic, which Bob describes as "beautiful."
  • And some more art, one of my favorite FFIX characters, and one of me, my dog, James, and Steve.
  • I should put up some links. Check back in a few hours and they'll be up.
  • With all the FFX hype, I've captured some very big versions of the logo from a Flash movie at the official site. Get your new desktop images here:
  • I've decided to make a MIDI of every song from Incredible Crisis (review coming soon, I swear!). Of course, this undertaking will fail, but at least I've already made one.
  • FF 10? That's old news, man. FF 11? My grandpa has already heard of that, and he's dead! Now we're talkin' about FF 12. Ohhh yeaaahh. It's going to be a completely offline game, and what's more, it'll be directed by the director of Chrono Cross. Boy, am I looking forward to this.
  • Finals are this week, and I've got no time to be on the computer. Well, I'm on the computer now, but... uh... bye.

Sunday, January 15, 2001 -- Stealing Babies

Yet Another Stupid New Policy: On an update where we haven't updated in a while, Instead of apologizing for not updating--like we would in the old days--members of the Swamp must throw out a random plug for something!

Today's Plug: "Happiness...Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch" by Our Lady Peace. There's no filler intros or outros, no stupid skits, no 30 second songs...just really decent, trippy alternative rock with NO BAD tracks. Every one of the songs on this could have been made into a single. Put it this way--the jewel case could have a cute little circle sticker saying "Features the hit, [lists the entire album]!"

Plus, the band's Canadian, so that should be incentive enough to get the CD.

  • Take notes, my faithful sheep (you too, readers): The hip thing to do these days is try to look like an idiot in order to fit in with the 'toked up morons in Yahoo! Chats, as obscenely displayed here by me and BobCFed08. Download one...*snap*...two...*snap*...ffree zip files of pure, unfiltered insanity. And when we say "insanity", we don't mean that stuff that comes from heavy doses of Mountain Dew and Red Bull (producing ingenius works such as "baka cid!! you let out the kawaii pinkachu chocobos!!!!!! NoooOOOOoooOOOOooo*stabs rinoa*!!!!! ^______^;;;;;;;;;;" insanity. We mean the hard stuff. The insanity influenced by that "XXX" gallon jug that your great great uncle used to drink before he'd fall into the horse trough. I'm ashamed of it. I really am. Bob out-danced me.
  • And on a more intelligent (and funnier) note, here are one...*snap*...two...*snap*...ffree chat logs by, again, Bob and I. We're not surprised this girl hasn't ICQed us in a while.
  • Updated You Guessed It. But more importantly, I updated my AWFUL outdated bio to something...sleeker.
  • New Resume Bullet Point: In the first chat, I really did nail VEG_13's A/S/L dead on without checking her info. Sure, she didn't know I did it without checking, and neither does anybody else, since I can't prove it...but my slowly developing EGO believes it, thank goD.
  • I'm gonna pretend you're all madly interested in hearing this: Jeff and I went on an all day ski trip! It was 4 hours of trance music on my headphones going up on the bus ride, followed by 7 hours of skiing (featuring THUMPS, BUMPS, and HUMPS to jump off), and then 4 hours of bus again--2 of which were wasted by watching "Big Momma's House". All in all, it was a good excuse to sit in a comfy chair and listen to 6 hours of electronica while in a trance.
  • Fear me, for I have joined the infamous Online Wrestling League once again, as Serpent, the half crazed sarcastic guy who talks to a piece of bread. But never fear, school should get in the way of that just as much as it does this site!
  • No word on whether we can pull this off or not, but Jeff and I were thinking of making a CD featuring all our piano/violin duets of popular RPG music ("Scars of Time" from Chrono Cross, "The Phantom Forest" from FF6, "Theme of Captain Commando" from Marvel vs. Capcom, etc.). Then we could rip these to MP3s, move 'em to a server, and force you to download them! Don't worry, it'll probably sound better than Isle of Oblivion.

Friday, January 5, 2001 -- HAHA I AM BETTER THEN U




Wednesday, January 3, 2001 -- Festivus is over...

Well, Festivus is over. I go to school again. Damnit! Anyway, here's what I got: an MP3 Player, Chrono Cross, Breath of Fire 4, Pokemon: Silver, Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and a bunch of money/Warhammer goods. All in all, a pretty good haul (rhyming!).

  • Mikosi sent in some Chrono Cross art . It's black and white, but still really cool!
  • I, as usual, updated Life of Bob 2 .
  • Finally added my bio to the staff page . I suggest you wear some sort of visual protection device while entering my bio, though...
  • Added two more AOL Conversations to misc. page . I've been told that AOL 6 is my best, yet. Check and see.
  • My mother went digital camera-happy, so I finally have some pictures of myself online. Yeah, jump for joy. They're both taken on the same day, in which I wear my now famous shirt and my trademark purple/blue jacket (there's been literally hours of arguing over it's color... which is INDIGO)
  • I'm going to be making a review for Breath of Fire 4 as soon as I get through enough of the game to tell... but so far, it's really promising. The graphics are great, and the new explanation on dragon's and the like is amazing. I like it better than the 2nd one (my personal favorite, so far).
  • I got a new computer recently. Kind of. My Dad's girlfriend moved in with us (long story short - he knocked her up!) and brought her computer. Which is slower than ours. And since I have so many personal files and the line on this computer, it got put up in my room. My phone was taken off (I never use it), and in went the computer. My very own! 'Bout time. I should be getting a cable modem, soon, too. Can't wait!

Sunday, December 31, 2000 -- 2001: A Swamp Odyssey

Whether it's the second millenium or not, all you really need to know is that the Swamp is about to celebrate its second birthday! And that's more important than any of this New Year's garbage, isn't it?

  • As a cheesy gift that all webmasters are forced to include in an end-of-the-year update, I give you....a gift of lo-o-ove . Meaning that this is gonna be the update about NOTHING. Enjoy, (the overuse of linked images), fooze. I've had a tough year. :)
  • I updated the staff page just cuz'.
  • And here's a sublime conversation for everyone.
  • And a very special addition... a spankin' new message board ! And this time, people might actually post there!

Saturday, December 30, 2000 -- Crappy Birthday

Here is some dialogue from December 26, my birthday. Well, I guess you could also say the 27th, since it takes place at midnight.

Lily, my sister: Jeffrey! I know you're awake!
Me: I am now.
Lily: You gotta come into my room and fix my TV!
Me: No. Go to sleep.
Lily: You unhooked it to play your stupid little game! Now put it back! And I've got a friend over!
Me: How about you ask Dad to do it?
Lily: No, he'd get really mad.
Me: Does that not TELL you something? And what are you going to watch twelve in the morning?!
Lily: "The Facts of Life!" Jeffrey, you're really, really mean.

Happy birthday to me.

Friday, December 29, 2000 -- BOBS ROOL!!!!!!



Wednesday, December 27, 2000 -- Kwanzaa Boy

Maybe I'll make that my new nickname. Not that I know a damn thing about Kwanzaa, but that my birthday is on the 26th. Now all my presents say "Happy Kwanzaa/Birthday" on them. How DARE they! I mean, I only also celebrate Christmas AND Hanukkah! How DARE they cut down on my Kwanzaa presents!

  • I got two chapters of KOWSOS done over a ski trip, bringin' my Velo 1 palmtop. That's why there are probably so many spelling mistakes...
  • *EGO OVERLOAD* I have interviewed none other than myself! Check it out here .
  • The MIDI of the day is for my upcoming RPGM2K game.
  • As I said, I went skiing this vacation. I also went snowboarding. I can glide down the black-diamond slopes like yo' mama while skiing, but while snowboarding.......... EH. Can barely stand up, let alone get them on.
  • I got a digital camera, CD burner, and MP3 player disk space for my birthday/Christmas. James got this .
  • I also bought me'self Incredible Crisis, the HARDEST DAMN GAME EVER. Expect a review soon.

Tuesday, December 19, 2000 -- Games of Bob

I have another update, yay. Like Serpent231's, this is pretty much game-filled. Unlike Serpent, though, it's all nothing but shameless self promotion. Ha! The best kind, isn't it?

I had to find a Power Rangers theme for my RPG, Life of Bob, and let me tell you... it was a difficult job. Especially since they've got so many new PR edition things.
And, YES, it's for my game! I'm making FUN of the Power Rangers! (really! I swear!)

  • Firstly, I added the second IAQ I've written, Life of Bob 2: The Sequel to the FAQs and IAQs page. I know, pretty weird having the sequel added to the page only two days after the first, huh? Well, this one's a lot bigger, and not nearly as complete, yet.
  • Since I don't know exactly where on the page I should put this, I'm just going to drop it on your laps. I, too, have jumped on lon lon bandwagon and made an RPG. I call it Life of Bob: The Game. I'm really bad at making names for sequels and the like, huh?
  • Christmas is coming up, and because of it, I won't be updating soon. Not quite because of my Christmas fanaticism, you can be sure. In fact, as an atheist, I'm not really even allowed to celebrate this religious holiday. So, I celebrate the something a bit different - Festivus (Seinfeld joke). It's basically the same thing, but Christmas doesn't have... THE FEATS OF STRENGTH!

Monday, December 18, 2000 -- BIG BANG BELLY

Yes, I AM still alive. And no, I DIDN'T beg Bob to come back and join this place. See, what happened was that he fooled Lady Marrah and Bob the Demon into opening the back exit to the Swamp's Garbage Chute...then he fooled them at the last second, made his way out, and slammed it in their faces! Only a 1337 few know the gory details!

This is gonna be a IAQ Overload Update. Are ya ready? No? Okay, good!

  • First, we have the GIA Frontier IAQ, written by Someisa (from the RockeT CanyoN community). It's innovative, insane and incomprehensible...and THE MIDGAR STAFF IS IN IT~! so it kicks ass. Just you wait till the staff here sends in our new ability lists.
  • After you're finished with that (a day later), download the first demo of LeGend Unabridged 2. The story's tongue-n-cheek, funny, and has NO PLOT HOLES so far...the graphics are unbelievable...the programming is top notch...the battle animations have to be seen to be believed...basically, it's the answer to why RPG Maker 2000 was made. If you're gonna play one RPGM2K demo this year, make it Pt. Reyes: The Game! But...since you can play more than one this year, might as well get LeGend 2 too. It'll make you say "OOY!! OOH!!"
  • And I wrote a review of Marvel vs. Capcom for the Playstation. Wait around another year or two, and I might actually get to put my insane combos online with a digital video camera!
  • HOLY CRAP! I updated the Staff page! Betcha didn't see that one coming!
  • HOLY CRAP! We got a 231 Sighting!
  • Three groups of three letters: KFC, DSL, LSD. I'll leave it up to you to figure out which one is making me update faster. (wait, that didn't narrow down the choices, did it?)
  • Jeff and I were gonna go on a thki trip together, thince we're bethtetht of friendth (COUGHalongwith7otherpeopleHACK), but thanks to, ahem, forces beyond our control, the trip was cancelled. Oh well. I probably would've crashed into an igloo, then had a table thrown at me by a moogle, then tripped over the table when I got back up.

Sunday, December 17, 2000 -- MORTAL KOMBAT!

I just saw the movie Mortal Kombat today. It's actually pretty good. Although, I'd have to say, the best part of it would be the opening music. Especially when that guy yells out (of course) MORTAL KOMBAT! I guess they don't want us to get confused on what the movie's about, huh? He says it like a half dozen times.

  • I added my IAQ Life of Bob to the IAQs page. Can't believe it wasn't put up sooner...
  • I kind of edited the misc page. Nothing big, you probably won't notice. I just went over some of the AOL conversations I had, and fixed a faulty link =)
  • FF9 is a great game! I personally think it's better than FF7 or 8. Not as good as Tactics though (those 4 are the extend of my Final Fantasy expertise). If you're going to play the game, remember this one thing - Vivi kicks ASS!

Sunday, December 10, 2000 -- How the Grinch Sucked Christmas

Just as a Jewish Heritage Attack kicks in, Christmas comes around. Well, when in Rome...!
First off today, I saw the Grinch. I can't believe that people would actually bring their kids to such a disgusting movie! There's -- and, like Dave Barry, I am NOT making this up -- arson, alcohol abuse, references to vibrators, beastiality, and giant explosions! And the Grinch is freaking NAKED halfway throughout the entire movie!
Second, we got ourselves a Christmas tree! The people at Christmas Trees "R" Us have a really weird way of delivering trees. After we picked our tree, we went and filled out the delivery form, but there was only a space for an email address. A few hours later, we got this in our mail:

          /  \
         /    \
         /    \
        /      \
       /        \
       /        \
      /          \


Friday, December 8, 2000 -- Here's... BOBBY!

It's been a while. Well, I'm back. All must worship me, now. As AtW's apparently already said, I'm once more a staff member. Him and 231 got on their knees and begged me. I guess my skillz are raelly desperately needed, huh? Even if I can't spell 'really'!

  • Not really much to say. All I've updated is thuh staff page to add myself. I only hope I can life up to the other BoB. Although I haven't yet spammed any guestbooks, I DID make fun of Serpent231. Perhaps I should stop spelling correctly, accuse him of plaigerism (off of my nonexistant site!), and explain to him why heads don't wrestle. I mean, seriously, that's just stupid.
  • It took me forever to get the Java thing to work. I kept downloading it wrong. And AtW kept telling me what to do. I'm so ignorant. Somebody should shoot me. Actually, it's really easy to use. Good job, AtW! (yeah, like he needs more to add onto his ego...)
  • You know, I may be a staff member, but I'm treated with zero respect. I mean, look at the page's logo. Do you see MY little symbol thing next to everybody else's?
  • I go to my mother's house for the weekend, so I won't be able to do all these massive, huge updates I'd planned. Darn. It's really fun over there. I go to my room, fall asleep, watch crapola weekend TV, read books I've read a million times before, and sleep. Sleeping is the only way to pass time over there. If any of you care for me at all, you'll kill me right now. Please.

Thursday, December 7, 2000 -- Dead Joke Alert!

Attention! Attention! As of December 7, 2000, The Midgar Swamp declares the "Recount" joke officially DEAD! Now, whenever something is counted or voted on, it is not funny to yell out "recount!" Anyone who shouts the above joke with humorous implications will be promptly shot and eaten by my dog!

  • Because of my oh-so-wonderful invention (which will later prove to be of no use when my house turned orphanage catches fire and a person from the future saves a girl from it and blahblahblahChronoCrossblah....) that easily updates the Swamp, BobCFed has rejoined us! Expect an update when he gets the damn program to work!
  • METALLICAt415 and CapnJapan1 (from yesterday's update) have finally been punished for "constantly using racist slurs and robbing a fellow Jew's Santa Claus hat (mine)," and so they may stop with their little Jewish Rampage. Let's hope. Last year, they pretended they were Russian.

Wednesday, December 6, 2000 -- Dag Tov

My friends are stupid. That's the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it.
Two of my stupid friends, who prefer that I do not say their names (instead I will say their AIM names: METALLICAt415 and CapnJapan1), are Jewish, just like I. The following is an actual conversation:

(Note: Keep in mind that they're kidding. I hope.)
Me: (sitting and eating Pork Fried RiceTM) Munch, glormp.
CapnJapan1: (making odd hand gestures in my face) YOU! Are supposed to be JEWISH! You are eating PORK!
METALLICAt415: You are not JEWISH! You are a MUSLIM!
CapnJapan1: You are PALESTINIAN! You are not worthy of being a RABBI!
CapnJapan1: WHAT!?
CapnJapan1: WHAT!?
Me: Uh...
METALLICAt415: I am SORRY! I do not talk to MUSLIMS! You are not KOSHER!
CapnJapan1: Chavarai n'vareich!
CapnJapan1: WHAT!? L'cha DODI!
Me: ...By the way, I was visiting the Stile Project recently... did you know that Stile is Jewish?
M + C: (running away) AAAAH! MY EARS! DIRTY!!

Can somebody say CRACK?

FILLER SPACE (optional)
  • I had my birthday party this weekend. For my presents, I got money, money, money, a tech vest, and FF9~~~~~~!!!
  • FF9~~~~~~!!! YEAH!!! Good game, so far. The only two things I was a bit concerned about was some of the music, and battle graphics. I'd say that Chrono Cross fared better in these areas.
  • I'm starting to work on my RPG Maker 2000 version of Story of Skyler, but that's cutting into my FF9 time. MUST... PLAY...
  • We're going to open a Rants section soon, which will include rants that Serp's written over the past two YEARS.

Thursday, November 30, 2000 -- Bleah.

The message boards've been shut down. What a gyp. So if you reeeally have something important to say, do it in the Groupboard. We need more art, anyway.

  • I removed the link to the boards, and attempted to get the Groupboard's message board utility working.
  • I'm actually going to a school dance, and it's the formal, and I also have a date! Yes, you heard me, I have a date! I mean, I've had a girlfriend this whole time, if you didn't know, so why don't you stop laughing? Freak! Your computer wouldn't even accept to go dancing with you! And mine would, because I know Java and I can tell it to do so! HA!

Tuesday, November 28, 2000 -- Back to the Drawing Board

We're starting our update system over, back to the way we did it almost two years ago... ONE DAY AT A TIME! With my new Java program, ominously called "Midgar Swamp Updater," I can update the Swamp with just a simple wizard. My dad's proud of my accomplishment of making my first Java program, for he works at Sun. My dog, also named Java, is happy too.

  • That's it. That's all I did. Live with it. Or stay tuned until Friday or whenever.

Sunday, November 26 -- Whee

I'm in the process of making my very own Java program! Yay! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord Jesus! Accept him as your savior! And if you don't, you are worshipping HIM!

  • I'm constantly updating Windor RPG. Since I've got nothing else to do, it's going along rather speedily.
  • As I said, I'm making a Java program. This program will make it easier for us Swamp Staff to update the site. Currently, every time we have to update, we have to edit almost 10 HTML documents by hand. It's tedious work. This'll be like the start of the Swamp Industrial Revolution. This Java program'll be made, and because of that, people will have higher demand for more updates, making us work 18 hours a day on the Swamp, killing us. Fun.
  • I made the MIDI of the Day! SHOCK.
  • I deleted some various ass around the site.
  • *WHAAGH! NEW TO THIS UPDATE! WHAAGH!* I added BobCFed08's FAQ on Freeza. Can I hear the "WHAAGH!" again?


Saturday, November 18 -- Lazy-Ass

I feel hella lazy right now, so I'll just scan in my list of things I planned to update. Funny thing is, I'm too lazy to write a list of stuff I did, but I'm not lazy enough to make KeWl JavaScript dccup windows for each item. P.S. Excuse my bad handwriting. This was supposed to be just for me, anyway.

Saturday, October 28 -- BoB does it again!

LOL I had a great conversation with our new staff member, BoB. This guy's on a roll!

  • BoB wants to stop fighting, but he must, 'cause we keep it up. I think it's fun. BoB's kinda like Fei in Xenogears.

Thursday, October 26 -- The Day of Reckoning

The day has come: it is the day of the release of the downfall of humanity itself: the PLAY STATION 2!! And what are we doing to prepare for it? Walking home from school, doing our homework, eating dinner, SPLOIT, and going to sleep!

  • A little Ragnarosen plug: download LeGend Unabriged 2 Demo 1.0! His latest creation has got it all: the Metreon (or close to it), Don Miguel, Akira Toriyama, and SUIT MAN!
  • Our newest staff member, BoB The DEM()/|/, and his friend, MOG FROM HELL, have contributed two great rants to the guestbook. Read it there, or download our always Fun For the Whole Family version. Keep in mind that BoB told us to take away his name so Tripod can boot us off the net. So, we replaced all occurences of "BoB" with "Bob," so it sounds like BobCFed08 wrote it. WE'RE PLAGIARISTS! TAKE US AWAY!
  • I made a complete list of MP3's I've made. Download them all now! They're completely mistake-filled, but very FUN! nonetheless!
  • I've been making HELLUVA MIDIs recently, a few more from FF9. Today's is my favorite track so far, the airship theme.
  • We have added TEH BSET THGIN EVAR to our site.
  • Odd. There was a longer line for FF9 demoing than there was for PS2 buying. Off course, you can't preorder demoing a game. Or only buy it in one location in the whole US. And Novato, CA is not a big city. Ah, screw you all.
  • Damn. My perfect school attendance is ruined by a lousy losing of my voice. Well, you know what they say about people without perfect attendance: BIG DICKS.

Sunday, October 16 -- VICTOLY

Well, for the second time in history, I beat a game in the arcade. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is now officially my FAVORITE GAME EVER~!. I guess writing a FAQ on Wolverine amounted to something. Even if Wolverine is now one of the worst characters in the game due to the fact that he has no projectile and he takes damage like a baby as opposed to somebody like Ryu who is a good all around character because he can do a level three Raging Demon when he's changed into Akuma form of course that's only in the first Marvel vs. Capcom because in the sequel he can't morph into different forms any more and *trails off into SimSpeak*

  • Yaay! The demo of Pt. Reyes: The Game may actually download!
  • I also completed my Tekken 3 Wrestling FAQ! The Last Update to the FAQ is nothing to look a--name corrections=bored readers--but it's pretty much DONE nonetheless.
  • CpuMan2001 gave us some actual content, The Pong Song. Crappy original song, crappy new game, good parody!
  • We also got some devoted fan mail in our guestbook from a fun-lovin' guy named BoB The DEM()/|/. We loved it so much...he's a staff member now!. You can check out the submission in the guestbook, or the family friendly "edited" version, f00.
  • ***NEW TO THIS UPDATE!*** Almost forgot! BobCFed sent me an old fanfic of his, aptly titled Stupid Story. Hey, I actually liked it!

  • Sadly, Toastyfrog Jump! has gone the way of the Canyon (whether it be Fritz's or HarukA's is up to you). I'll miss that little guy.
  • I got a new computer! It's 700Mhz (ROXORZ), has a 20 gig hard drive (ROXORZ), a 56K modem (SUXORZ), and the Yamaha XGSOLIDORSOMETHINGOROTHER sound card (ROXORZ). Joy.

    Wassh allllllll.

Monday, October 9 -- Doodz in Space

We've gone public: Live recordings, appearances at public places, and spreading the power of SPUM wherever we go!

  • It's time to *STEAL* *JEFFREYAtW'S* *BIKE*!!! A new contest put on by, uh, us, we challenge you to... *STEAL* *JEFFREYAtW'S* *BIKE*!!! Details inside !
  • Meaningful staff info updated.
  • Speaking about live recordings of Island of Oblivion composed by me, Serpent231 and I have made a live recording of Island of Oblivion , composed by me! We recorded it at the local AllDay Productions, with Serp doing the violin, DJ Anto doing the seashore noise, and me doing everything else! As a result, it sounds terrible! Download it anyway !
  • The MIDI of the day is one of my best sequencings ever. According to one loyal fan, "it sucks, but I like it! =)"
  • A few Links added.
  • I made my big appearance at the Sony Metreon in San Francisco last Saturday. For you L4|\/|3X0R2 that didn't know about it, Squaresoft put on "Final Fantasy IX Consumer Demo Day." It was da OKLAHOMA CITY BUILDING! W00! read about it h e re.

  • MAD GR33TZ to the P33PZ I met at the Metreon, including Andrew Vestal, Jason Estioko, Aerith, and SquareGod .
  • I left Windor since I finished roleplaying out the story of Cow Soss , or KoW:SoS. I've moved to a new town, run by Mikosi and me, called Mundi Noctem . Check it out, and JOIN JOIN JOIN!
  • My mom's getting married next weekend, on Angel Island! You know, the first stage of Sonic 3 that gets burnt to the ground?

Tuesday, September 5 -- MoO

Yup... Serpent summed it up... school.

  • Stuff happened.
  • Pointless staff info updated.
  • PINCHOZOIDTHREETWOONE sent us a review on Silhouette Mirage . Ah, how good it feels to have some material again.
  • I made another splash image, but it'll wait since I altered Serp's a bit so not to humiliate me. Just so you know, it originally said "HAHE ROBBLE ROBBLE 8D" which is one of #fret, on Espernet (irc.esper.net)'s catchphrases. Of course, it's also the Hamburglar's. Makes no sense? Good, I haven't lost ya.

  • Sophomore year ................................................................................ sheep
  • Oops, dozed off. Sophomore year is a bit easy for me. Because I'm a slacker this year. No honors classes, and no sports. I could make an excuse that I have to go from house to house, and custody arrangements are a drag, but... I will.
  • The Color WonderSwan is coming to the States, and with it will come remakes of Final Fantasy 1, 2j, and 3j. Despite those three games being HELLUVA hard, I might want to get me hands on a Swan. Here are some reports on the games. The GIA's , and the site with the crazy "R" humpin' dragon, RPG am er .
  • Irvine: Jefie! Le's go! *AtW flies off on Ragnarok, who has his arms spread out like a plane*

    Massh all.

Monday, September 4 -- Happy birthday to me...

Well, school's up and running again. I guess they finally fixed the server. *rim shot*

  • Well, after a miserable first attempt at it on RPG Maker 95, I downloaded RPG Maker 2000 and made Pt. Reyes: The Game...an actual game, that is! It's taken a LOT of productivity out of working on stuff for the Swamp (no... um...really.), and, while short, could be a hoot for the whole family. Unfortunately, it's a pretty big download for all us non-Cable-thwackin' people to download (6MB), so just leave the computer on for a few weeks and it should eventually finish. Beam it up, cap'n! .
  • Thanks to the wonder that is Boredom (no, NOT Bordam), I've been channeling some Tom Green and putting it to use in Delphi chatrooms. Check out all the havoc I've caused if you're into annoying people. Hey, I'll never see these people again in my life, so why not?
  • Pointless staff info updated.
  • I got the world's greatest 231 Sighting while I was in Canada.
  • And for your enjoyment , here's some more artwork by Mikosi!

  • Sophmore year is to the Freshman year what T.G. Cid is to Cid VI lately, so I haven't been able to do much these days. Namely, the Canada Journal and Others. But don't worry, I'll "work away in my spare time"!
  • You haven't lived until you've elbowdropped a stuffed animal from the top of a ladder onto a trampoline . Or, while I'm at it: You haven't lived until you've been to Canada , either.
  • As I said before, my 15th boithday was a few days ago. I got some cool presents, including a SWIVEL CHAIR ! Hell yeah! Now I can compete in the Swivel Chair Marathon! Or maybe that's the 2.5 mile Pacific Sun race on Monday. I forgot. Either way, that chair's gonna WIN ME THAT RACE!

    Dassh all.

Wednesday, August 23 -- Pong

People vending hot dogs outside of the New York Stock Exchange must be proud to say they work on Wall Street.

  • My Story of Skyler 's finally been updated.
  • Random conversation of the day:

    <JeffreyAtW> I SEE HIS
    <JeffreyAtW> BIG PENIS
    <JeffreyAtW> Sing with me, Ragna!
    <Ragnarosen> What the?
    <JeffreyAtW> Ever heard de's version of One Winged Angel?
    <Ragnarosen> No.
    <JeffreyAtW> http://sinclair.weyland-yutani.net/midi/other/delb3.zip
    <JeffreyAtW> YOU MUST LISTEN.
    <Ragnarosen> I just got introduced to this great MIDI composer who makes Tyvek Liinhaal sound like the Cute Animal Characters.
    <JeffreyAtW> Really? Who might that be?
    <Ragnarosen> His name is Drazier Zwei.
    <JeffreyAtW> Oh... a new alter-ego, eh?
    <Ragnarosen> Let me find you his page.
    <Ragnarosen> http://members.tripod.com/Lerus/
    <JeffreyAtW> Good enough. I'll look at it "later."
    <Ragnarosen> Meaning you'll never look at it.
    <JeffreyAtW> Hey.. mind if I put this conversation on the Swamp?
    <Ragnarosen> I don't mind.
    <JeffreyAtW> Ah... damn.

  • Haruka'S CanYoN has been updated AGAIN with an even better design, graphics, and not as much clutter! Check it out! Yes, I am aware that there is just a picture of Zidane there. That's the joke. Get it? Haha. hA.
  • A new review of Myst ... one that's been sitting in my mailbox forever. Heh. Seems I forgot. I... didn't make... a mistake... just now... did I?
  • The new splash image is a parody of ZVGQ 's title image.
  • I removed the Random Picture Archive because it didn't work. All random pictures can show up right here , anyway!
  • Speaking about removing things, BobCFed08 asked to be kicked off the Swamp. Well then... good-bye, Bob! *kicks Bob down the Swamp's garbage chute*
  • My trip to New York was fun... mostly because I brought my laptop. MP3s you must listen to:
    I Love Paris by Toots Theioemans
    Boom Boom Dollar by King Kong & D. Jungle Girls
    Melodies of Life from FF9
  • New games I got: Wario Land 3 (ROXORZ), Chrono Cross (ROXORZ), Pokemon Yellow (got it for free, so that ROXORZ), Pong (SUXORZ). Reviews coming soon.
  • Coming soon to an AtW near you: School.

Thursday, August 3 -- BEH

New York, New Yorrrrrrrk!

  • Haruka'S CanYoN, the website of that idiot girl who flamed us, is finally here, with original material! Check it out! It even gives a shout out to us on the main page!
  • Speaking about that, our email conversation has become larger.
  • I'm going to New York for two weeks. Fortunately, the Swamp is now on Tripod, so there'll be no server downtimes or nuthin'. And seeing how often I update the site, it will look like there was no update at all! Yayee!
  • I haven't gotten much done recently because of real life: being a Counselor in Training, taking time off to mow the lawn and read books (eek!), and other UNIMPORTANT stuff like THAT.
  • Ha HA! My second real composition is MIDI of the day. It kicks ass, I may say. You can download a real clip of me playing the guitar chords for the song, here !

Sunday, July 23 -- Thtuff

S'more stuff not worthy of a new MIDI of the Day.

  • About Wrestling. (SERPENT BASHING MODE ON!) My stepbrother Jason is visiting this weekend. He loves wrestling. Like Serp, he's got black hair and a similar haircut, the same skin tone, and he's retarded. Now, Jason is actually retarded, while Serp is only retarded while SERPENT BASHING MODE is on. He's got Down syndrome, and watches TV almost all day. I wonder... do the same thoughts go through Jason's head as Serp's head, when they're watching wrestling? The plot thickens... (SERPENT BASHING MODE OFF!)

Saturday, July 22 -- The Yuffie of Sentra

We've been pooed on. More on that later.

  • I didn't really give a link to Haruka'S CanYoN because it's closing down soon. If you really want to see it, be hasty and go to the Midgar Board. Benit will help you with the URL.
  • James is away in CANADA~! for a while... not that it matters... he wouldn't update anyway. But he gave me stuff to do... the Wrestling section was one of them.

Saturday, July 15 -- Fa, fa, fa!

Goodbye, my dear server. I shall miss you... but the hours of sleep I shall soon regain are a worthy reward.

  • The splash page, according to one reader, is "HEHEHEHE FUNNY!" Marvel, dammit, marvel!
  • Three brand new 231 Sightings .
  • WHASSUP!? section deleted, because 1) we're back on Tripod and don't have unlimited space, and 2) just like many sections on the Swamp, it was stupid.
  • Finally, I replaced many of the small buttons on the splash page with one:
    It's the new Sentra Network , consisting of all the sites that revolve mostly around the IAQ Club.
  • For the next couple updates, you will be able to hear the first Final Fantasy 9 MIDI's out there... composed by ME ME ME!!! If you haven't heard them already, you must have a broken cerebral artery!
  • The reason the Swamp is off my server is because my dad installed a device that splits my IP address up three ways (we're serving three computers now on my cable modem). That means that I'm given a fake IP, and the device that gives me it is acting as a firewall. Too bad...
  • Good news is that Tripod recently KICKS ASS! They're giving away 50MB of free space.

Monday, July 3 -- What do you know... the Swamp's still here.

I'm back from Italy (or have been for almost a week).

  • More about my trip... two boring weeks, overall. I did have some fun in Venice, and some places I visited were, well, cool-looking. I'll put up a diary I wrote on my site , soon.

Friday, June 16 -- HTML XKILZ!

Wow. This is my first update where I DIDN'T use AOL Press, and...it wasn't as hard as I thought! Now if only I can only heal a couple lepers, turn water into wine, make a blind guy see, and walk across a pool, I'm all set.

  • Um...in case they're still reading this, I just wanna give a big WHAZZUUUP?! to those fine, dignified, um, really good judges at the Marin County Fair. YOU PEOPLE ROCK! *nowgiveusfirstplace*
  • Um...
  • *twiddles thumbs*
  • Nuthin' to say...
  • Um...I can do a moonsault! But I guess you already knew that .
  • I can do a Jim Bustaa! But I guess you knew that as well...
  • Or maybe you just don't care. I dunno.
  • Well...I guess I'll go now. c ya |-(|:)P]>(don't ask)

Sunday, June 11 -- Forgetfullness Strikes Again

Damn! I have ONE MORE THING stuck in the back of my head that I was going to put up, but, well, I forgot.

  • I added LOTS of Whassup parodies. Geez, these things are numerous.
  • Guzman submitted his second fanfic, a semi-humorous and semi-serious one, called Final Fantasy Deathmatch Tournament 2000 .
  • I moved WHASSUP?! down a little on the menu, because it's not THAT special. It is probably the biggest collection on the net, though, not that that matters.
  • Iiiiit's suck-up time! Probably later today (it's around 1:30 AM, heh), the judges from the Marin County Fair will be looking at this website. Ragnarok finished polishing up the links, and I've got my non-confusing splash image out for display.
  • Eh. I'll shut up now.

Thurdsay, June 8th -- SCHOOL'S OUT! SCHOOL'S OUT! Er... SCHOOL'S OUT!

Actually, Ragnarok kept posting that EVERYWHERE on the internet, so I guessed he would have liked it here too.

  • Er, since the last update, Serpent (bless his little anti-HTML heart) left a "bootload" of mistakes for Ragnarok and me to correct, so... we DID. Rag also helped correct some links that directed to old versions of some pages (long story).
  • I don't think I mentioned the EVER-so-helpful Guzman for helping the Midgar Swamp be hell on Serpent to update. Also for helping us add fancy-shmancy SSI and DHTML into our page. Thanks a BOOTLOAD, Guzman!
  • Eh.
  • My GAWD! I had so much more stuff to update, but I forgot what it was. Damn late-night forgetfullness and Post-MTV-Movie-Awards syndrome...
  • Well, school's out, the finals are over, James and I are probably going to flunk math and go to summer school, but that's okay, because......... uh........ well, for one thing, school's out. But I already said that.
  • Pretty important: as you can see by the splash image, I'm going to ITALY! Now, here's the problem. It's a two week trip (with no computer? gasp!), and since the Swamp is on my computer server, and it's unsafe to leave a running computer unattended for two weeks, I may have to shut the Swamp down for two weeks. Hmph.
  • BUTT! Er, BUT! One thing may be possible: I've entered the Swamp in the local Marin County Fair , and because of its content, size, and overall insanity, it'll probably win. (Heck, my PERSONAL site won last year!) If the Fair judges haven't taken a look at the Swamp yet, I will most likely be able to leave my computer (therefore, the Swamp) up for them to look at it. Cross your fingers.

Sunday Sunday SUNDAY! June 4th -- I won, I won!

Last Sunday, I ran the B4Y 2 8r34X0rZ, the world's largest footrace! More on that later! Only another week until school's over! Yahoo! Less crack, more Cheerios! Woooo!

  • Okay, enough hyperbole (gosh damn vocabulary words...:), and now some pointless stuff about me !
  • Fred Delles, songparodypimpdaddyextraordanaire, sent me a bunch of stuff (but I'm gonna spread it out over the next few updates (it was so much, I don't want to waste it all in one day:), including a BOF3 fanfic that may bring a tear of nostalgia to Cosmo Canyon fans. Even though we're trying to get away from Cosno Canyon humor (ask AtW why), I'm gona put this up anyway, since it's still a great read:  My Fellow Dragonierians !
  • Fred also gave us Old School RPGs and It's the End of the World and It's Square's Fault , one great song parody, and one really random one!
  • Maniacal Laughs , Add Ons , blahhh...
  • Updated the poll with an important question! (this update's pretty generic, huh?)
  • Finally, I plugged some random links . I'm still waiting for Porkins vs. Everything!
  • Wait! I've got something that's not-so-generic: A choppy little movie that I took with my video card of me on the trampoline doing the "Jim Bustaa!", my finishing move. Check it out , it's a Midgar Swamp exclusive!

  • As stated earlier, I ran the world's largest footrace, the B4Y 2 8r34X0rZ! 70,000 people, costumes, people of all ages, beer drinkers, nude runners (although most of them were either A. Unattractive B. Male C. Old or D. All of the above), and 7 frickin' miles of pounding up and down the streets of San Francisco! Heck, it's even harder than the pounding <mute hahaha!youthoughtthemutedstuffwasgonnabehere, youhentai! > dnight! I got sprayed with a hose, said "WHAZZUUUP!" into a microphone, had to stop (and lose time) at a trip to Flushing Meadows, and, after the race, jousted a youngster to utter defeat at a mini-fair kinda place! My time for the 7.5 miles was 1:28:10 (including an emergency trip to Flushing Meadows)...that's 11:something per mile, which is more than DOUBLES my average mile time! I placed...8000somethingth!
  • In case you're wondering, this was supposed to be Sunday's update two weeks ago, but AtW's server got shut down, along with other FTP problems, and this just took a long time, etc...I couldn't put this update up for a while.

    BUT...IT'S...HERE...er, it was , anyway. You're done reading it now, so...um...a quick plug to end it:

    Go and see Shanghai Noon for a bootload o' fun!

Wednesday, May 31st -- I AM ZE MASTER OF ZE BUSH.

I've seen it all. I've seen a parking meter expire, I've seen a guy accidentally light his hand on fire on a bus, and I've seen Serpent going crazy after I rename the files that he's currently uploading for an important French project. I must be some sort of god.

  • Even though nobody but the staff members can notice, the page now runs on Server Side Includes. That means that the neato table layout you see is not really included on the page. When it's downloaded, a special tag called <!--#include virtual="sidebar.htm" --> merges this page with the main page. This'll save us time so if we need to change the menu at all, we won't have to go through every page to do it.
  • I added some stuff to the disclaimer at the front page.
  • I put up my third Flash Splash (TM) , and this one kicks a whole bunch of ass! It even includes a game. A fourth one (also starring me) is in the making.
  • Cromwell Papers updated.


  • Well, the end of the school year is briskly approaching. After school ends, and if I survive the finals, I will be going to Italy for two weeks. I don't know if the Swamp will be up or not while I'm gone (chances are it will), but just stay tuned 'n' stuff.

Monday, May 29th -- ^^;;;;;;

Hey, it's my second update! ^^;;; *prances around in a frilly frock*

  • I added the IAQ "Faith Torn Asunder" (author: ME! ), and deleted the IAQ "The Engineer's Guild" (author: me... )
  • Added two pictures to the funny picture archive
  • Added a review to the reviews page (kinda obvious I just played Daggerfall, huh?)
  • Did something "secret" to the bottom of this page. "Kee-hee-hee!"
  • Added my own homepage to the links section , as well as a link to my "friends" page.. heh, heh
  • Has anybody realized I'm not in any of the group pictures in the Swamp? So sad, so sad... though I think this is filler space, and not an update... *disappears*

Sunday, May 21th -- Things are looking up.

Well, a lot's happened recently. Even better, everything that happened was good.

  • The whole page is totally changed, with no more frames! Of course, this will be a small inconvenience to us, because if we wanted to change the menu, we'd have to do it... to... EVERY... PAGE...
  • We finally have a new member, so the member "contest" is officially OFF! Congratulations, Bobby!
  • I've changed the splash page (actually, Bobby did, but I made it), and that really is my dog. Cute, eh?
  • I added a link to The Japanese Killer Seizure Robots , the funniest site on the internet.
  • I updated the Random Picture Archive with some new shots from Serpent, and even a shockwave movie (which you HAVE to see).
  • Slave to the Face was down for some reason, so I put it back up.
  • Staff Info updated.
  • Guzman gave me a really useful JavaScript tag that takes the NameZero banner away, making my domain name redirection TOTALLY free.
  • A new WHASSUP?! parody, parodying parodies of a parody... or something.
  • And finally, I updated the poll.

Saturday, May 20th -- doodz!

Bwa ha ha! BobCFed08's first update-thingy! Yay.

  • Quite obviously, I've joined the Midgar Swamp!
  • ...Which means that, of course, my member info is on the staff page.

Thursday, May 18th -- :D

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I forgot what I was going to say.

Wednesday, May 17th -- It's late... I'm tired...

I have a lot of stuff to put up, but I am too tired. So I'll just do something small and then zzzzzztoolate.

  • More of those crazy WHAZZUP?! parodies...
  • New Flash splash... well, it's off to bed for me. sllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppp...........

Update List #4